Tuesday, 20 March 2012


The Pirate Bay Attacks #Censorship With Low Orbit Server #Drones - http://bit.ly/x4ezSg this is getting interesting #tpb

Holding up the sky - http://bit.ly/zg64wb "Today hackers are, in fact, among the unacknowledged maintainers of civilization."

#Opensource culture can rescue ICT from #Microsoft's iron grip - http://bit.ly/yM1PBX nice piece (v @schestowitz)#monoculture

Video, user experience and our mission - http://bit.ly/yMXW17 the lizard wrangler speaks of encumbered video technologies #mozilla

New #steganography technique relies on letter shapes - http://bit.ly/xrtJaJ quite clever

Imminent "six strikes" #Copyright Alert System needs antitrust scrutiny - http://bit.ly/FR6LNc interesting points

Private data on British drivers will be stored offshore - http://bit.ly/yoXqVW #IBM decides to join UK gov in the Evil Club #privacy

Urgent: Please Reply to UK #Copyright Consultation - http://bit.ly/AvVh5g only 3 days left - don't lose this chance

Student arrested for filming buildings wins police payout - http://bit.ly/AwABx7 stupid acts of officialdom (v @newsbrooke)

Demand Swift Rejection of #ACTA - http://bit.ly/yJwiaY don't let the European Commission wriggle out of this one

Combined UK digital economy dwarfs creative sector, time for governments to marginalise copyright lobbyists - http://bit.ly/wsoiM4 key point

Community calls for free open data in consultation - http://bit.ly/wVtb1Y interesting moves on the uk #opendata front

INPI abre consulta p├║blica sobre exame de patente que inclui programa de computador - http://bit.ly/FRH0cO important #swpats #brazil

Teacher Suspended For Reading 'Ender's Game' To Middle School Students - http://onforb.es/FPXMIb idiot parent: "it's pornographic"

Summit Entertainment Claims To Own The Date November 20, 2009; Issues Takedown On Art Created On That Day - http://bit.ly/FRLHnB riiight

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