Friday, 9 March 2012


Obama Administration: #ACTA Is Binding & Don't Worry Your Pretty Little Heads About TPP - US citizens: get fighting

Attack of the #Drones – How Surveillance May Change our Culture - excellent, thought-provoking piece

Gorilla DNA unlocks secrets of our species - exciting times #genomics

Open source helicopters trivialize Europe's ODF troubles - interesting stuff (v @sjig)

Isn't It Time Artists Lost Their 18th-Century Sense Of Entitlement? - another reason why #copyright reform is needed

U.S. Says #Canada Will Not Have A Say in the #TPP - another v good reason to shun it

Italian corruption and church complicity left a murderer free to kill again - sad stuff #italy

Giuseppe Verdi: Complete Operas & Other Works - 90 hours of Joe? de gustibus... #spotify

Reforming Regulation 1049 - "campaign on the reform of the #EU access to documents Regulation" - civil society orgs NB

Participatory Budgeting and Technology - skype meetup tonight #openspending

With latest domain seizures, US declares trade war world - still want to use .com .net .org?

USTR Wants 'Trade Promotion Authority' In An Effort To Ram #TPP Through Congress With Little Debate - not good

Open source hardware: Announcing a new licence - Solderpad Hardware Licence: comments invited #openhardware

Do they cheat in the European Parliament? - if confirmed some MEPs should resign over this (v @rikwes66)#ACTA

Do We Have a Right To Open Public Data? - new report says we do; lots of other good analysis #opendata #uk

Stop Stealing Dreams - Seth Godin on the future of #education; can be read freely in various formats (v @petersuber)

Brazilian Performance Rights Agency Demands Blogger Pay $204 A Month To Embed Videos - entitlement madness in #brazil

UK Arms Export Licences - interesting use of open data to visualise arms trade; lots of crypto going into Hong Kong

Open, moral and pragmatic - good rebuttal to #elsevier with detailed figures (@demartin)#openaccess

#SOPA poked an angry bear and set it loose on the net - revealing comments from Rob Levine #ACTA

[corrected URL] Megaupload Shutdown Boosted TV and VOD Services - but will it last?

Australia considers national digital archive - every country should do this

Bonobos are caring because they are led by females - maybe we should learn from them...

Is #ACTA Binding? Depends on Where You Ask - totally academic: they will ignore whatever they want (v @jerezim)

Letter on irregular vote to Chair of Legal Affairs from Orphan Works Rapporteur - please pass on - need answers #EP

Free Hardware and The Rise of #Android - nice analysis

O que é o Ecad, e por que ele está cobrando direito autoral de blogs? - sounds to me like #Ecad needs investigating

Canadians To Prime Minister: Don't Censor Our Scientists - too right #ca

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