Tuesday, 6 March 2012


MIT App Inventor Open Beta Preview - http://bit.ly/yF2AYd good stuff #android

10,000 strong: 'Don't #ACTA fool' - http://bit.ly/wdFFnG good debate in #denmark (v @StopActaNow)

Beyond the Code - http://bit.ly/xcM6RA "Bringing #Mozilla values to our products and the Web"; new blog from @nitot#openweb #opensource

#Microsoft and #Nokia sue #Apple for Patent Infringement (via a Holding Company) - http://bit.ly/zzF9Tg spreading the patent madness

Unlawful tweets could land Twitter in Blighty's dock - http://bit.ly/xqwfGT that way lies madness

Selected Supplementary Material for Against Intellectual Property - http://bit.ly/yswlw7 lots of good links

Oz says 41 hits a day turn bloggers into publishers - http://bit.ly/ypHh7T more bad ideas

FBI Preaches Dangers Of '#Cybercrime' To The Choir - http://bit.ly/whLs0z good analysis of a daft scaremongering trend

Bundesregierung erspart Verlegern Innovation - http://bit.ly/zdQH6y good post about a really dumb move #de (v @netzpolitik)

Tech Groups Propose Changes to #TPP to Promote Internet Freedom - http://bit.ly/yQBXWt good to see some counterproposals at last

US Demands Extradition of #Megaupload Suspects - http://bit.ly/xDVHM8 "no copyright offenses are specifically listed in extradition treaty"

Pirate Party Australia’s Presentation to Trans-Pacific Partnership Stakeholders Meeting in Melbourne - http://bit.ly/xSSd1K good speech #tpp

Why is#copyright dominating all digital policy debates when powerful copyright provisions exist & sales are booming? - http://bit.ly/xE4f89

Help us stop GM trees - http://bit.ly/yVRykj really? GM trees?

… for human beings - http://bit.ly/y76b1U Mr Shuttleworth reviews the state of the Ubuntu #linux

EUhackathon 2012 Edition: Hack4Kids! - http://bit.ly/weGCF8 looks good; positive use of "hacker", & code released under GPLv3 or Apache v2.0

Strange Czech bedfellows: What about the pirates? - http://bit.ly/A58Uoz "experiencing an unprecedented boom" (v @Falkvinge)

OpenCorporates opens up new database of corporate directors and officers - http://oreil.ly/wHJKFV important new tool for #transparency

Paypal Pressured To Play Morality Cop And Forces Smashwords To Censor Authors - http://bit.ly/xcyLAC good point about credit cards and #SOPA

#RaspberryPi demand running at '700 per second' - http://bit.ly/wPSnKR nice stats, but no mention of what makes it all possible: #opensource

RT @jamie_love In #TPPA trade negotiations, Obama wants it done before election, but also to force unpopular IPR provisions in agreement

cmdrTaco : Rolling Up My Sleeves - http://bit.ly/yYdt7K not sure if this is victory or defeat, and for whom (v @wilbanks @timoreilly)

The plans to bring #ACTA back to life - http://bit.ly/wh9PtS v shrewd analysis; v worrying (v @StopActaNow)

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