Saturday, 17 March 2012


#Drone Attack: How We Might Willingly Embrace The #Surveillance Society - coming to a street near you

St. Patrick's Day Playlist: W.B. Yeats In Music - fascinating stuff #spotify

19,000+ episodes of Indian TV on YouTube Shows - wonderful #india

#London air #pollution at record high - disgraceful

As Data Grows, So Grows Linux - #bigdata means big opportunities for #opensource (hint: it scales in all senses)

Webversteher und andere Helden gesucht in BrĂ¼ssel - more views on the #FRAND vs #RF battle in EU

Conference on "Enforcement of intellectual property rights: review of #IPRED" - hope public will be represented #eu

Is #OpenScience Open Enough? - good review of topic (v @CameronNeylon)

SOPA masala: 387 Indian ISPs must block 104 piratical websites - dangerous move #india #censorship

Al Jazeera to broadcast Syria documentary filmed entirely on iPhone - the future (v @asteris @NatashaTynes)

Why software patents are evil - just in case you needed reminding #swpats

New Ruling In Old Righthaven Case Makes Two Important Points: Protecting Fair Use And Secondary Liability - yup

Scientists say massive palm oil plantation will "cut the heart out" of Cameroon's rainforest - (v @carlzimmer @Yale360)

Strange: Vote Against Freeing Up Orphan Works Achieves 113% Turnout In EU Committee - not fishy at all #copyright

Lemmings of Democracy or rebalancing? – MEPs about to axe Council question time - less transparency – nice...

Court Orders RapidShare to Filter User Uploads - even though that's impossible to do

The BSA's "nauseating" anti-piracy tactics - such lovely people

behold, the sun - as we've never seen it before

Join Us for a Discussion on Open Sourcing the Global Integrity Report - sounds good

#IPRED+ would be delivered by September - put in your diaries: it's gonna be a hot autumn

‘Piracy’ is not affecting Hollywood’s bottom line - who'da thunk?

Poderopedia, a data journalism project to map the Chilean elite - nice transparency project #chile

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