Sunday, 4 March 2012


我们是网络小子 - we, the web kids translated into simplified #chinese #webkids #zh

Hacktivist Judo: Musician Exploits New Spanish Law To Overwhelm System With Legitimate Infringement Complaints - #sinde

Peer Evaluation - "Open Access to your primary data, working papers, articles, media and having them all reviewed" #oa

Yelp, Twitter & Apple's Anti-Google Coalition - interesting point

Tony Blair closes RSA 2012, denounces WikiLeaks - fears openness, eh? (v @Vulturemedia @wikileaks) #iraq #torture

UK Government Pressuring Search Engines To #Censor Results In Favor Of Copyright Industries - [RT from last night]

How to anger the Internets: Just say ‘No’ - interesting

Tell To Permanently Ban The Sale Of Whale, Dolphin, and Porpoise Meat - #amazon, how could you?

Social enterprise and the power of breaking stuff - wonderful wide-ranging post; recommended

Anonymous, Decentralized and Uncensored File-Sharing is Booming - an inevitable evolution

Lawsuit Against US Copyright Group For Fraud & Extortion Moves Forward - as it should do

#Udemy’s Faculty Project nabs 50,000 students and an Ivy league professor - part of education's future

#raspberrypi update on production and availability - #linux

Passport pickup by pinyin - fascinating use of #pinyin in #china

Six-Legged Giant Finds Secret Hideaway, Hides For 80 Years - do not miss this incredible story (& the birth)

Cory Doctorow: What’s Inside the Box - more or less a long argument in favour of #opensource

Individual dolphins identify themselves to new dolphins they meet - yet the #japanese slaughter them at #taiji

How #Microsoft Pays Big Money To Smear #Google In European Parliament - MS up to its old tricks

Empedia takes Wikipedia articles and lets users add their own personal experiences - interesting experiment

Attempt to grab climate scientists' e-mails rejected by Virginia Supreme Court - good judgment

Growing #GM Wheat in the UK – New campaign says “No Thanks!” - wonder how much impact this will have

International civil society groups slam corporate influence on Trans-Pacific free trade talks - #TPP backlash coming?

BitTorrent Pirates Go Nuts After TV Release Groups Dump Xvid - amusing tale

Indian farmers' suicides - drinking the pesticide that was supposed to make them rich #GM #cotton #india

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