Thursday, 15 March 2012


Value and benefits of #textmining - great #jisc report on this crucial new area (v @eikoku)

Reclaim the Internet in under a Minute - use OpenNIC

An “Internet of Things” Camera - rather cool; #arduino based (v @boingboing)

Gravity Announces Labs and #OpenSource Projects - good to see

The Staying Power of Guarani - amazing #paraguay

Stop Extradition - Fair UK Trial for Richard #ODwyer - probably pointless now, but worth signing as a protest

Crisis in Microsoft land - first encyclopedia britannica, now windows...? #endofanera

#OpenData Innovation Community - Francis Maude speech - nothing new, but good he says it (v @Rchards)

#Microsoft: Data protection undermines IP enforcement - such a warm, generous company #rights #intellectualmonopolies

Submission to UK Consultation on #Copyright: Exceptions - time is running out: pl. make your submission soon

The #OpenDesign definition - "collaborative, discussion-focused creation of an updated definition" (v @openp2pdesign)

38% of #China’s Internet population are mobile-only users, says report - it's the future

PrivateGSM - "to encrypt calls in a totally safe & legal way through VoIP"; cool (v @ioerror)#android

Use and transfer of Passenger Name Records to the United States breaches EU rights - say profs. (v @bendrath)

UK people may be interested in this group buying experiment - 185K have signed up, including me...

Save CBC Music Archives - destroying culture like this should be illegal #canada

Private copying levies on digital media make less sense today than ever - indeed

Harper's Publisher Presents Platonic Ideal Specimen Of 'I'm An Old Fogey Elitist Anti-Internet Luddite' Columns - epic

"Free Trade" is Not Free – Why We All Need to Oppose the TPP - more people concerned about #TPP

FBI, stumped by pimp's Android pattern lock, serves warrant on Google - nice ad for android's security - or fbi's fail

HBO Triggers an International #Copyright Fracas in #Chile - market failure, as usual

RetroShare: secure communications with friends - interesting #opensource project; needs more support (v @dtschmitz)

RIAA chief: ISPs to start fighting piracy by July 12 - what a waste of effort

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