Thursday, 8 March 2012


The CONTROL of knowledge: Ours or Elsevier’s; It’s High Noon for Universities - great post #textmining

Did a Pirate TV Stream Save Lives During the Japan Tsunami? - great story

Bin Laden sea burial cast into doubt - quite: why would they chuck away a source of info like that?

Pin A Quote lets you convert text into an image for easy sharing on #Pinterest - this is so wrong

Why Hayek Would Have Hated Software Patents - further reasons why #patents are not property: no well-defined boundaries

Samsung sues Apple over patents in Korea (after saying it wouldn’t) - can't we just stop this nonsense?

Arbitrary and Orwellian - Amazon Payment Services blacklists Open Digital with no reason given - #amazon being evil

Spotify: 'We have to turn ourselves into the OS of music' - lots of interesting possibilities

#UAE citizen arrested for criticizing security forces on Twitter - absurd

#VW's U-turn on CO2 emissions shows green revamp - whoa, wonder why?

An open letter to Vince Cable - great post about #UK government's confused approach to #opendata

Danish Trade Minister Apologizes For Using Bogus Industry Numbers To Support Pro-#ACTA Argument - like most of them #dk

Measuring the economic impact of the #Sharing Economy - hugely important issue: measuring the Negawatts

US State Department Response to Wyden on #ACTA - "legally binding international agreement" (v @StopActaNow)

Chris Dodd: The Internet Developed Because Of Strict Copyright Enforcement - not in this universe, maybe not in any

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