Saturday, 3 March 2012


#ACTA: EU-Parlament stellt sich Kritik - great summary of #DeGucht's EP roasting yesterday

Public debate on ‘Irish SOPA’ to begin before weekend - bit late now, no? (v @_NetFreedom_)#ie

Why I Want My Pi - along with a few million other people #linux #raspberrypi

Will Elsevier accidentally unite the open access movement? - would be a good result #oa

Guardian says #openjournalism is the only way forward - good analysis

Northamptonshire sofa firm's slogan branded 'offensive' - ha!

Why Alexander Hanff is suing Google - bravo that chap #privacy

Misery of the dolphins in 'flying coffins' - disgusting; shame on #japan, shame on #hongkongairlines

Why the Next Steve Jobs Needs a #RaspberryPi, Not Patents - Jim Zemlin makes some good points #innovation

Independent watchdog says Canada's 2011 elections may have been corrupt - troubling #ca

In the age of big data, #datajournalism has profound importance for society - NB points about #opensource

#Paraquay: land, soy, and boots - & the poor get it in the neck, as usual

And This Little Piggy Went Viral - the boundary between ads and content is fading

#OpenData in the Comune di Firenze - the #renaissance would have been proud of them (v @NeelieKroesEU)#it

least helpful - the Internet's worst reviews - who knew whingeing could be such fun? (v @superglaze @girlonetrack)

#Copyright Fight Hits the Lab - links #SOPA, #PIPA and #RWA

#Drones Perform James Bond Theme - I, for one, welcome our new quadrotor overlords

#ACTA: European Union's statement on IP Enforcement Trends at WTO Council for TRIPS - patronising & mendacious

What #DCMS should learn from the #ACTA and SOPA debacles - excellent post. UK's closed-door approach a disgrace

EC Defends #Interoperability, but Misses Bigger Picture - the old RF vs FRAND battle

Intellectual Ventures Sues AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile; Says That Such Lawsuits Are Evidence Of Progress - #troll logic

Iowa's Undercover Livestock Filming Bill Approved - nothing to hide, of course (v @NikaPirouette @Asher_Wolf)#cruelty

UK search engines asked to police results, promote 'good' music sites, demote bad - people this is bad: let's fight it

[new URL] UK search engines asked to police results, promote 'good' music sites, demote bad - people this is awful

video of @mgeist at the European Parliament #INTA Workshop on #ACTA 01.03.2012 - do not miss: the best talk so far

Time To Go: Why EU Commissioner De Gucht Has Disqualified Himself From Handling #ACTA - "nul points"

Police Censor Google, Facebook and 8,000 Other Sites by Accident - a blast from the future

The disappearing virtual library - great post on the destruction of the second library of Alexandria

Conversaciones sobre las cenizas de una biblioteca virtual - more thoughts on (v @pabloe_carcamo)

#Google wins #libel case over Blogger comments - good decision (v @evgenymorozov)

“Why can’t we just get on with web blocking?” - typical: public & facts not invited to one-sided orgy of entitlement

European Parliament Hears Pitch For #ACTA; But Did It Change Minds? - nice objective report

UK Government Pressuring Search Engines To #Censor Results In Favor Of #Copyright Industries - seriously, UK? this?

Hacktivist Judo: Musician Exploits New Spanish Law To Overwhelm System With Legitimate Infringement Complaints –

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