Saturday, 1 June 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130530 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Groups warn #TAFTA/#TTIP could weaken consumer laws ‘via the backdoor’ - not "could", this is one of its real aims

Code for America's Jennifer Pahlka to Take a Year-Long "Fellowship" as Deputy U.S. CTO - probably a good sign

FBI and New Zealand police ordered to return all personal data seized from #Megaupload - another defeat for US #NZ

Ugandans Fight for More Time to comply with TRIPS - quite right, too #LDCs #ug

EU moves again on financial disclosure of extractives industries - great news; UK on wrong side of history again

School sexual abuse protester Ye Haiyan beaten up in her own home - awful (v @LetaHong @isaac)#china

NASA Confirms That Curiosity Found An Ancient Martian Stream - exciting #science

Wheat drops as Japan suspends U.S. imports on modified crops - #TPP will make that impossible: wake up, #Japan

Ergonomic advice from the 17th century - "cutting-edge 17th century advice on penmanship and ergonomics"; lovely

EU Mandate For #TAFTA Leaked: Includes Investor-State Dispute Resolution For Intellectual Monopolies - big, bad news

Open-Source House Building - great to see people exploring this (v @slashdot)

Corporations and Law Enforcement Are Spying on Environmentalists - redefining protests as domestic terrorism

A 22-Year-Old Woman Is About to Die for the Sake of a Fetus With No Chance of Survival - El Salvador's barbarism

Developing a unified rule for openness: Interview with Alek Tarkowski - exciting moves in #Poland; great interview

Gallery of Honour competition to spread free knowledge in #Russia - great

Vrijschrift wijst mandaat voor onderhandelingen met Verenigde Staten over handelsverdrag af - bad stuff #TAFTA/#TTIP

Internet pornography: never again - sad to see this ignorant, kneejerk reaction from @guardian, a new low for them

Spies need more oversight, not new powers - thoughtful, knowledgeable analysis #surveillance

MI5 failures over Woolwich probably 'misjudgement' not lack of snoopers' charter, says Sir Chris Fox - good to hear

The NFB/MPAA statement - it's a trick: the #MPAA is still kicking the #blind...

useful update on what happened in EU on clinical trials transparency - some progress, more work needed #opendata

Sharks Worth More for Tourism Than in Soup - let's hope people realise this fast (v @BoraZ)

IP Commission: Cut Off WHO Funding If It Doesn't Make IP Protection Priority One - more callousness from maximalists

China hopes for transparent US-led TPP talks - wow, #china as champion of openness (v @maira)#TPP

Tumorous rats, GM contamination, and hidden conflicts of interest - this is turning into quite a saga #transparency

The LDC #TRIPS Transition Extension and the Question of Rollback - "no roll-back" is evil #LDCs

Imaging Breakthrough: See Atomic Bonds Before and After Molecular Reaction - wow #science (v @slashdot)

#Kazakhstan: Archeologists Unearth “Princess of the #Scythians” - fascinating culture

The Water Story - why #Hittite wa-a-tar fits right in with húdōr, wæter, vatn and vanduõ #linguistics #indoeuropean

Canadian #ACTA Compliance Bill Inches Forward - what a waste of time and effort

Anhörung zu Softwarepatenten im Rechtsausschuss des Bundestag - could anything really come of this? #swpats

#Android now owns half of #China's smartphone market - impressive

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum Does Digital Archives Right -- Hi-Res Downloads & A Suite Of Online Editing Tools - exemplary

Who is the Chinese developer building a new billion dollar financial district in #London? - good question #china

Australian Spies Want To Hack Tor After Realizing It Routes Around Their #Surveillance - getting worse & worse #AU

Acuerdo Transpacífico: La negociación comercial que podría aumentar los costos médicos en Chile - oh yes #TPP

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