Saturday, 29 June 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130627 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Snooper's charter has practically zero chance of becoming law, say senior MPs - useful summary of yesterday's meeting

#TPP: "against any extension of patent rights on drugs if it is going to force prices of medicine to escalate" - #my

Reject #DRM and you risk walling off parts of the web, says W3C chief - rubbish: #W3C getting desperate

Movement to Label GMOs Gains Steam - "Social media is feeding this effort and making it more difficult to confront"

#NZ Exports Face Destruction If Minister Changes GMO Rules - the reality of #TPP #democracy

OpenChem, Open Curriculum, and the Value of Openness - interesting

Opening the EU procurement database - important moves for #transparency

MPs: laws on #GCHQ snooping "completely useless" - #RIPA "is essentially voluntary code"; #NSA

Turning the Sow's Ear of Surveillance into a Silk Purse - it's an opportunity #eu #cloudcomputing #opensource

Former Second Highest Ranking General In The US Apparently Under Investigation For 'Leaking' Stuxnet Info - #manning

Protect Our Freedoms with “Pi-xels”: Support La Quadrature du Net! - a worthy cause - we need these people #lqdn

French parliament says #freesw is priority in education - UK should do same to make up for lost years (v @carlopiana)

#Tor Anti-Censorship and Anonymity Infrastructure needs some help - I've given; pl. donate if you can

Kiwi ISP Slingshot lets users bypass copyright geo-blocking to access services like Netflix - clever (v @slashdot)

Klöster in #Tibet: #China erlaubt offenbar wieder Bilder des Dalai Lama - good news if confirmed

Defense Department Blocks All Web Access To The Guardian In Response To NSA Leaks - making China look good...

Un traité "historique" sur l'accès des aveugles aux livres signé - #wipo #copyright

"organiser une harmonisation ou une reconnaissance mutuelle des normes réglementaires" - levelling down #TAFTA/#TTIP

The Washington Statement: Aufruf zu stärkerem Datenschutz in der EU - we badly need this

G-Cloud – how to win - read; weep. #uk

#Cambodia's vast lost city: world's greatest pre-industrial site unearthed - impressive to lose something this big

#India's seed saviour goes against the corporate grain - #commons & diversity, not #monopolies & #monocultures

CIS's Closing Statement at Marrakesh on Treaty for the #Blind - fine, moving speech by @pranesh_prakash #copyright

US Pushback Against Privatization Across the Country - time for this in UK (f @schestowitz)

PRISM should make businesses think twice about cloud computing - more on yesterday's meeting

Is It the Dawn of the Encryption App? - let's hope #opensource ones

#EU Parliament piles up tools to turn democratic deficit into surplus - more #transparency would go a long way

Google To Push Android Further By Making A Games Console, Smart Watch, Media-Streamer & Low Cost Smartphones Itself -

Open source projects aren't tax scams - putting the #IRS straight

#Ecuador Using Copyright To Try To Take Down Leaked Documents About Its Surveillance Practices -

#Facebook Will Remove Ads From Pages, Groups With Offensive Content - oh look, money talks

What It’s Like to Get a National-Security Letter - the amazing @brewster_kahle shows hows it's done (v @BoingBoing)

CIA Memo On Stopping Leaks To Reporters Is Promptly Leaked To Reporters - maybe there's a lesson here...

The Miracle in Marrakesh: #Copyright Reform to End the "Book Famine" - I love this "miracle in marrakesh" meme

We lack mandate to act against breach of privacy by internet providers: Indian Supreme Court - not good #nsa

Encryption practices vary widely in the cloud, survey finds - letting cloud co. handle keys is like zero encryption

#PRISM Parliamentary event packed out - it was; now let's channel that #NSA

#Encryption Foiled Wiretaps for First Time Ever, Feds Say - important (assuming they're not lying...)

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