Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130603 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Foxconn taking #Firefox OS to tablets, not just phones - exciting #mozilla

EU-Kommission will Gentechnik-Mais SmartStax zulassen - how can they criticise Seralini when #EFSA fails like this?

Everyone at #Bilderberg, the world’s most elite conference - the rich plot to get richer

Censored in #China: ‘Today,’ ‘Tonight’ and ‘Big Yellow Duck’ - fascinating (v @Journotopia @asteris)

Have 1.5 million adults really “stumbled across” online child porn? - brilliant debunking of pernicious #FUD

Pharma firms face EU fines for delaying cheaper drugs - no more "pay for delay" - quite right #generics

NZ Sky City: Future Governments not bound by current deal - lawyer - but #TPP will change all that #newzealand

Open Sourcing the UK's Operating System - #BSI behaving badly #openlaw

Eight bronze age boats surface at Fens creek in record find - wonderful how stuff like this keeps turning up

President Obama Comes Out Strongly Against Patent Trolls; Here Are The Details - seems promising

The Pleas in Law of the Spanish Actions against the Unitary Patent Regulations - potentially big for #UnitaryPatent

Lawmakers clash in public over draft EU data protection law - doesn't look good #privacy

Malay business group says no to free trade deal, wants debate in Parliament - resistance to #TPP from unusual source

Turkish Prime Minister Blames Twitter For Mass Social Unrest, Because It Sure Beats Blaming Himself - well put #tr

Cops Beat Woman Holding a Toddler After Her Friend Videotaped Them - no comment necessary

June 4th: The Struggle Of Memory Against Forgetting - #BigYellowDuck #china

#Google Will Soon Launch Google Web Designer, A Free #HTML5 Development Tool For Creating Web Apps, Sites And Ads -

Bradley Manning generates more sympathy abroad - interesting point (v @suigenerisjen)

24 hours to end the drug war in the Americas! - time for a new approach #epetition

Microsoft's Attack On Used Game Sales Asks Customers To Sacrifice Their Rights To Save An Industry -

The Future of Creative Commons - "lays out priorities for each area in which we work" #cc

#MPAA: Oh, Of Course We Want To Help The Blind Read More... Just As Long As You Don't Touch Copyright - pathetic

Bill Gates Backs "Open Science" Social Network ResearchGate - 1st #opendata, now #openscience, #opensource soon...?

African groups reject G8 corporate food plan as "colonialism" - cynical and shameless action by West

ISDS: "foreign corporations could challenge #NewZealand laws & regulations that undermine their expected profits" -

White House Also Releases Report On Patent Problems - building momentum #patenttrolls

US opposes safeguards in WIPO treaty for the #blind that are included in ACTA, and Beijing treaty - just evil

Court Says Copying Journal Articles To Show Prior Art In Patent Proceedings Is Fair Use - good sense prevails

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