Sunday, 2 June 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130531 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Art And #Copyright In The Age Of Compulsive Looking - re-inventing art galleries for digital world

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter & Yahoo Refuse To Cooperate With UK's 'Snooper's Charter' - UK plan in tatters

Patrick Mercer MP signed a contract with a bogus #lobbying company - just the start (v @Spinwatch)#transparency

Mes Aynak: #Afghanistan's Buddhist buried treasure faces destruction - finely-written report

Labour calls Parliamentary vote on #badger cull - "leading scientists warning against “untested and risky approach” "

RT @smulets Photos taken by #OccupyGezi activists >>amazing pix (v @Glinner)

British taxpayers to pay 'millions' towards secretive #Bilderberg meeting security - er, why? (v @Spinwatch)

IE10 blows past IE7 and IE6′s combined market share, Firefox gains too, but Chrome hits 21-month low -

Dolphins gain unprecedented protection in India - wow, hugely impressed with #India leading the way here

Mouldering city built of bread is a metaphor for Earth without humans - striking

California Shipping Lanes Moved in Attempt to Avoid Killing Whales - good news; maybe scout drones could be used here

Humaneness of #badger cull to be judged on noise of dying animals - UK gov plans not just ineffective, but sick, too

Consumer rights groups: #TPP to hurt consumers - waking up to problems: big business benefits mainly (v @DrRimmer)

By 2050, one in five Africans will live in #Nigeria - worth thinking about... #africa

Is there a Social-Media Fueled Protest Style? An Analysis From #jan25 to #geziparki - superb analysis of #turkey now

Ontario wins important victory in $50-billion lawsuit against #tobacco firms - great news (v @howardknopf)#canada

Crowd-funded Stenographers Denied Press Passes to the Bradley Manning Court Martial - shabby obstructionism

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