Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130617 - http://bit.ly/ZZrIha yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD warning: may contain #snowden

US Green Shadow Cabinet joins critical struggle to defeat #TPP - http://bit.ly/128lqbo nice, not sure how much impact it will have though

Japan's Prime Minister Mocks #TPP Protestors On Facebook - http://bit.ly/11I8oBx unbecoming #transparency

Ato no Rio reúne 100 mil, começa em paz, mas minoria provoca confusão - http://glo.bo/11I8Aku wow #br

Exposed: Edward Erin, the doctor whose faked asthma drug test results proved fatal - http://ind.pn/10sI2tj staggering tale (v @brembs)

Time for a new kind of debate on Global Rights - http://bit.ly/19f4vdE sounds good (v @asteris)

Number of cops abusing Police National Computer access on the rise - http://bit.ly/18UJlEY now imagine we had the Snooper's total database

Dutch want their mussels free from micro-plastic litter, call on EU to act - http://bit.ly/13WYoac big, difficult problem

PRISM plays into German and European cloud computing providers hands - http://bit.ly/1bQn9bd so seize the opportunity, people

Protests in #Brazil Continue to Grow as 100,000 Take to Streets - http://bit.ly/17iw091 amazing pic #br

A Supercell Thunderstorm Over Texas - http://1.usa.gov/19f5WZD beautiful but frightening (v @gen)

Pestizide: Schleichender Tod im See - http://bit.ly/12G6rvz why we must reduce our use of them #glyphosate

OSI Seeks to Hire General Manager - http://bit.ly/18UMO6u fun and worthy #opensource

Obama says Americans aren’t getting the ‘complete story’ on PRISM - http://tnw.co/11W0atU too bad he lost all credibility ages ago

Auf dem Weg zum staatlichen Geheimnismonopol - http://bit.ly/16d8cyM another evil monopoly

NSA story isn’t “journalistic malfeasance” — it’s story that is evolving in real time - http://bit.ly/1bQtnb8 yes: this is journalism today

#TAFTA/#TTIP: How it affects you - http://bbc.in/16d8Igh wow, what mindless boosterism: no downsides at all? ORLY? (v @EU_TTIP_team)

Is #Encryption Effective Against #Snooping? German Government Says No, #Snowden Says Yes - http://bit.ly/11Ihf6h who to believe?

Extreme Boating - http://bit.ly/16D0ChH "your ears would be filled with a sound no human can ever hear: The third sound." (v @edyong209)

Dalligate tobacco lobbyist not screened for conflicts of interest when left Commission - http://bit.ly/12SjeMU not acceptable #EU

Überwachungsskandal PRISM: Digitale Gesellschaft e. V. erstattet Anzeige - http://bit.ly/16deVZw wow, great: can other countries do this?

Um wessen Freiheit geht es beim Freihandel? - http://bit.ly/1bQG85E *this* is what @BBCNews should have published #TAFTA/#TTIP

.@petersuber: my book on #OA (#OpenAccess, MIT Press, 2012) is now OA - http://bit.ly/17j989w fab news: everybody pl. d/l and share widely

Europeans must be protected from #Prism snooping - http://bit.ly/14HLjUX highly welcome call from @SarahLudfordMEP; let's make it happen

European Privacy Association confirms Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are corporate backers - http://bit.ly/1bRi5U9 surprise; not...

Notre vie privée est-elle encore protégée? - http://bit.ly/1aoNoHV probably one of those subtle French rhetorical questions... #nsa

US to join direct peace talks with #Taliban over #Afghanistan - http://bit.ly/11lCuiK at last

'#Microsoft is niet te vertrouwen' - http://bit.ly/100p8Yc a familiar story (v @Caroldanon)#NSA

#TPP: Secrecy Is 'Assault On Democratic Government' - http://huff.to/15gvnWE "-ve implications for public interest on a variety of fronts."

#Porn Summit Threatens Britain - http://bit.ly/12Hjk8C great piece on abiding stupidity of politicians who must be seen to do something

#Obama Administration Finally Lets Congress See Secretive #TPP Text (But Still Not the Rest of Us) - http://bit.ly/14I7GJY #transparency

France and Germany launch #opensource collaboration - http://bit.ly/100rl66 interesting #EU

Hairy Stockings Are China's Latest 'Anti-Pervert' Trend - http://on.mash.to/14I8Chs nice idea, but I say 'shopped....

Open Season for Data Fishing on the Web: The Challenges of US #PRISM Programme for the EU - http://bit.ly/15gQTdI (v @bendrath)#privacy

G8 #OpenData Charter and Technical Annex - http://bit.ly/14gP818 good stuff: "support the release of data using open licences"

3 NSA veterans speak out on whistle-blower: We told you so - http://usat.ly/10uu0aH important interview; kudos to @USATODAY for running it

Call for input on the new Wikimedia Foundation privacy policy - http://bit.ly/14IkrUG timely

What happened to David Mery, the techy who was arrested as a terrorist in a London tube station because of his coat - http://bit.ly/17k4PKR

#Turkey's '#standingpeople' protest spreads amid Erdoğan's crackdown - http://bit.ly/19gkLev this is just inspired: may it succeed

Alexander: #Snowden got call-tracking order during training - http://politi.co/14Ilwfc as one does when one is a trainee (v @declanm)

Knowing The Government Is Spying On You Changes How You Act - http://bit.ly/16Fzoa9 important point

NSA Implementing 'Two-Person' Rule To Stop The Next Edward Snowden - http://onforb.es/15h5aXL it's good to share

Freedom of expression, the Council of Europe and net neutrality - http://bit.ly/13QVNQS useful summary

Iceland resumes whale hunting, endangered Fin Whale killed - http://bit.ly/11XlejA Kristjan Loftsson: selfish bastard #commons

So What Should We Call the Open [Everything] Movement? - http://bit.ly/14gZuy2 Open Everything...?

Austausch von Kundendaten: Schweizer Parlament blockiert "Lex USA" - http://bit.ly/15h7qyc oh look, consequences... #ch

Jon 'Maddog' Hall On Project Cauã: a Server In Every Highrise - http://bit.ly/10uBri7 interesting #freesw #brazil

Edward #Snowden — the Globalisation of Whistleblowing - http://bit.ly/12TuWXE yes: it is the geeks who dance on the grave of geography

brilliant @sierraclub report on #TAFTA/#TTIP's effects on public & environment - http://bit.ly/13ZlUUi great summary of issues (v @PCGTW)

Bollywood Is So Successful Without Strong Copyrights That It Will Fail Unless India Strengthens Its Copyrights - http://bit.ly/16eGuSl huh?

Cat-like robot runs like the wind, on Linux - http://bit.ly/1aqhPgY spooky but #opensource at least

Huawei Shows Off Ascend P6, the 'World's Slimmest Smartphone' - http://on.mash.to/1bSS06Y #china & #android: the future of smartphones

Fields Of War Brings 200-Player Mech Battles To GNU/Linux - http://bit.ly/11XC9Cx not really my bag, but looks quite impressive

Barbra Streisand courts controversy in Israel before Shimon Peres party - http://bit.ly/14IEBho good for her

Brazilian Protests Get Their Iconic Photo(s) - http://bit.ly/13RjqZx shocking bullying

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