Thursday, 6 June 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130604 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Samsung's surprise patent win could block #Apple iPhone 4 sales in US - I wish these children would stop bickering

ALRC releases Discussion Paper on #copyright law reform - important: comments invited (v @MsLods) #australia

Corporate power has turned Britain into a corrupt state - more personal integrity needed here #UK

EU Council deals killer blow to privacy reforms - why do they hate EU citizens so much? (v @lilianedwards)#DP

EU's Chief Negotiator Has Learned Nothing From ACTA, Will Negotiate TAFTA In Secret - tabled documents must be public

Young Rewired State - brilliant, important project goes from strength to strength #programming #devs

Creating opportunities for learning by expanding Wikipedia in Armenian - great stuff #am

Why Do We Throw Prostitutes in Prison? - these people are victims; pure victimisation

"Nothing says, "I love the Earth!" like bringing bulldozers into old-growth forest to create a fake ruined castle" -

Amazon is building the Largest Collection on Earth for #India - important move

App Developers File Amicus Brief in Support of Google - the #opensource viewpoint

UK bee insecticide study flawed, says EU food agency - hopeful sign of #EFSA actually doing its job - well done

'Woman in red' sprayed with teargas becomes symbol of #Turkey protests - share widely...

Whatever happened to #Google? - "Google is no longer the open-loving, open-doing Google of old" #opensource

Closing in on our #seeds - excellent analysis of EU's short-sighted plans to destroy seed diversity; must read

minutes of Online Infringement of (c) Roundtable, 15.03.13 - not a single rep of 60 million UK citizens, of course

Vets say their professional body was wrong to support Government #badger cull - wow (v @GeorgeMonbiot)

Fund von Gen-Getreide: US-Farmer verklagt #Monsanto auf Schadensersatz - big, if this spreads

Transcripts from Bradley #Manning's Trial - important record (v @wikileaks)

"space telescope taking atmospheric spectra of Earth-like worlds would cost $5 billion" - but instead we fight wars

Geneticists push for global data-sharing - surprised this isn't already happening #opendata

#EdX Builds Community of Developers for its Online and Blended Learning Platform - entirely #opensource now

"an attempt to kill databases like Pubmed Central" - these sad people just never give up being evil (v @hgmorrison)

Turkish authorities arrest social media users - blatant attempt to intimidate people using Internet (v @burcuno)

Three-line whip pushes through #badger cull Commons vote -  idiots: vaccination is cheaper -

Top US patent judge pens anti-troll op-ed in NYT - bit of a surprise (pleasant, though)

Irony Alert: John Steele Denies Uploading Anything Ever Despite Growing IP Evidence - wow

Fairphone made it - great news #opensource

Google to keep its calendar CalDAV API public after developer backlash, debuts contacts CardDAV API to boot - good

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