Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130624 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

When Whitehall shuns statutory scrutiny - disgraceful; gagging clauses must be banned #uk #transparency

#Australia Drops #Snooping Plans -- For Now - but it will probably be back... #prism

Warum #Snowden uns eine Warnung sein sollte - (v @oler @JanAlbrecht)

#Assange, Back in News, Never Left U.S. Radar - "criminalizing reporting process” (v @FreedomofPress @suigenerisjen)

JP Morgan wants EU to be rid of social rights, democracy, employee rights &right to protest - nice (v @marcuschown)

bp;dr - nice, but maybe should be "bp:cr" - "behind paywall, couldn't read" (v @mmasnick)

Warner Bros: Pirates Show Us What Consumers Want - "piracy as a proxy of consumer demand": do they finally get it?

Business Source (A software license with some #OpenSource aspects) - clever, but maybe not so wise... #licensing

#Backdoor in #HP backup servers - gosh; now, who do we know that might want to use such a thing...? #nsa #prism

Anglo-Saxon Spies: German National Security Is at Stake - good analysis of German situation (v @ioerror)#nsa #gchq

EU-US trade negotiations must be #transparent - tabled documents must all be public (v @ALTEREU)#TAFTA/#TTIP

excellent piece on the historical roots of #TAFTA/#TTIP - ‘cosmopolitical corporate consolidation’ (v

Meet the WikiLeaks Guy Who Got His Gmail Seized by the Feds - will happen to more (v @birgittaj @deCespedes @nnelken)

#ECHR: Serbian Intelligence Agency must reveal electronic snooping data - useful (v @janthonybarnes @ioerror)#gchq

Donald Trump Thinks The Extradition Process Is Too Slow, Suggests Just Killing Edward #Snowden - deranged

Privacy for anyone anywhere - "live DVD or live USB that aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity" (v @jmcest)

Shallow Surveillance Efforts Like PRISM Will Only Catch The 'Stupidest, Lowest-Ranking Of Terrorists' - same for UK

#EC tells public bodies to break free from lock-in - that's great, but maybe it should lead by example.... #EU

EU erhöht Grenzwert: Zuchtlachs darf mehr Gift enthalten - exactly what #TAFTA/#TTIP will bring to our plates: poison

Don't even bother asking governments not to spy on us - interesting, if depressing, points #gchq #nsa #prism

British intelligence is involved in PRISM, says Liberty - "has issued a legal claim against intelligence services"

The Doha dictionary - exciting: "will chronicle the history of Arabic terms over 2,000 years" #arabic

MT @EU_TTIP_team EU #TTIP chief negotiator to EP monitoring group: commits to briefings before & after each negotiating round>>& the public?

Senators To NSA: Your 'Fact Sheet' Isn't Factual; Can You Tell Us The Truth For Once? - probably forgotten what it is

US Gov’s 'Insider Threat Program' Obligates Federal Workers to Spy on Their Colleagues - East Germany would be proud

Equador concede asilo a Edward #Snowden - so does that mean he's still going there, or is this another bluff?

#Firefox Delivers 3D Gaming, Video Calls and File Sharing to the Web - good to see yet more innovation from #mozilla

Perfect Forward Secrecy can block the NSA from secure web pages, but no one uses it - obviously they should now

China targets U.S. products, calls them 'terrible security threat' - well, the closed-source ones...

#NYT uses work of journalist covering Manning hearings, refuses to call her a journalist - shabby & petty

Free Software post-#PRISM - it's based on #opensource; here's how free software can fight back #mozilla

Greenwald: #Snowden’s Files Are Out There if “Anything Happens” To Him - v wise (v @emptywheel @Asher_Wolf)

#Prism und #Tempora: Zügellose Überwachung zurückfahren! - sensible stuff (v @dozykraut)

#SOPA Didn't Die, It Just Emigrated - to #russia, with love #copyright

American Bankers' Association Claims Routing Numbers Are Copyrighted - yeah, right... #copyright

Flat Earth Society believes in climate change -
@TheOnion strikes again...or does it? (v @AlexSteffen @drgrist)

Greenwald Teases More NSA Info: ‘Majority’ Of ‘Significant’ Revelations ‘Have Yet To Be Made’ - (v @Thomas_Drake1)

#Germany blasts Britain over #GCHQ's secret cable trawl - geh geh geh....

UK Police unit monitors 9,000 'extremists' - it's the police who are the extremists here... (v @PaulLewis @asteris)

Fast and US trade rep commit to concluding #TPP in 2013 - by riding roughshod over public's right to know (v @mgeist)

#NSA Boss Pretends He Doesn't Know Anything About #Wikileaks - either lying, or incompetent; so which is it?

Clueless Spanish Politicians Want To Join The Government Malware Club - estupidez honda #es

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