Sunday, 30 June 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130628 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Why all the fuss about GM food? Other innovations are available - rightly focuses on real issue here: power

The Big Comparison Of Google Reader RSS Feed Alternatives - useful table to help you choose

Royal Family granted new right of secrecy - even when public interest: not right (v @tom_watson)

Dentist Threatens Patient Who Left Yelp Criticism With Criminal Charges - what a crazy tale

A hail and farewell to #AltaVista - end of an era; I remember when this first appeared #search

U.S. Prism, Meet China’s Golden Shield - of course

Your input needed: Questions for panel w/ Eben Moglen, #RMS, 4 MEPs - including father of #linus

If PRISM doesn’t freak you out about cloud computing, maybe it should, says privacy expert - yet more about thursday

6 Things We'd Change About #Feedly - I pretty much agree with those

DARPA-Funded Software Could Usher In the Era of #OpenSource #Robotics - that would be good

Judge: WikiLeaks Tweets Admissible in Bradley Manning Trial - don't seem to have any bearing whatsoever

A Sustainable Energy Future is Within Our Grasp - @WorldBank still pushing disastrous 20th cent solutions #fail

Internet2 Announces Proposals for #OpenSource SDN Networking Apps - good to see

Edward #Snowden has not weakened president, says Susan Rice - = we don't care what foreigners think anyway...

 Geheimdokumente: NSA horcht EU-Vertretungen mit Wanzen aus - publish #TAFTA/#TTIP dox - the US already has copies...

Who Helped #Snowden Steal State Secrets? - wow: biased & one-sided much? (v @mathewi)

UNSG report takes pro-IP approach, omits concerns - @UN hopelessly out of touch again #intellectualmonopolies

Freedom: The Big American Lie - "It’s America’s world; the rest of you are just scenery." fab. (V @Asher_Wolf)

Former #NSA contractor warns of “murky” interception arrangements - original source of new revelations #EU

secret EU deals to hand over private data to America - "Denmark, Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain & Italy" did so

#Ecuador's Correa says Biden asked him to deny Edward #Snowden asylum -  "But the decision is ours to make."

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