Thursday, 13 June 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130611 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Europe warns US: you must respect the privacy of our citizens - yes yes yes, but what will #EU do about this? #prism

State broadcaster #ERT shut down as #Greece seeks more savings - shocking blow to Greek civilisation

#NHS A&E departments 'left unsafe by political meddling' - #BBC finally notices tragedy in its own patch

"UK Secretary of State for the Environment believes that #climatechange is not happening" - fire him now (v @Glinner)

USTR Nominee Confuses Transparency With Listening - key point #TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

NSA surveillance: anger mounts in Congress at 'spying on Americans' - not just in EU #prism

How Google Transfers Data To #NSA - encrypted FTP - how quaint (v @taosecurity @manhack)

Is a Sleeping Climate Giant Stirring in the Arctic? - " methane from thawing permafrost" (v @DrRimmer @readfearn)

paper putting intellectual monopolies ahead of people's health [pdf] - #tobacco industry, of course (v @DrRimmer)

NHS trusts spend £2m to stop staff speaking out - scandalous: should be paid to speak out (v @Spinwatch)

PRISM: Überwachung, Freiheit und die Grenzen des Versteckens - "Wir haben es zu einfach gemacht."

EU to slap ban on online blocking - #netneutrality moves closer (v @MarietjeSchaake @Marcvanderham)

Maine House Advances Genetically Modified Food Labeling Bill - and another one...

Chinese diplomats threaten French journalist after #Tibet report - hardly v subtle... (v @degewa @agilex2)#china

Hadopi : le vrai bilan négatif de la riposte graduée - fab breakdown of #hadopi's utter failure #threestrikes

Is The US Using #Prism To Engage In Commercial #Espionage Against #Germany And Others? - awkward

"Je ne crois pas aux geeks qui diffusent gratuitement de la culture" - sorry, that's just a fact (v Måns Rullgård)

The clearest lake in the world – in pictures - cheer yourself up: look at these gorgeous images... #NZ

Welcome to the #digitalcommons - but what is a digital #commons? #opendemocracy wants you to help define it

Brendan Eich de Mozilla habla de #JavaScript - y de la compra de #Netscape por #Microsoft - an oldie, now en español

EU Network and Information Security Directive - appalling; pl. respond to UK consultation -

Intelligence-gathering by British state out of control - now is the time to address this (v @PoliceStateUK)#prism

Irish High Court orders six internet service providers to block Pirate Bay access - not good

It’s About Power, not Privacy - "it changes the kinds of laws that can be enforced" (v @dml)#prism

The Open Knowledge Foundation is delighted to announce the launch of the new  Panton Fellowships! - go for it

Case study - #copyright law review in #Mongolia - seems blind have problems with publishers even here

Whistleblower Edward #Snowden talks to South China Morning Post - just a teaser: story not up yet, apparently

#Obama administration blocking consensus at HRC on access to medicines resolution - how hated does he want to be?

Ludford amendment - opening door to FISAAA? - v bad; Londoners, pl. write to her:

#China overreaches after French documentary on #Tibet how do you say "streisand effect" in mandarin?

Whistleblower Edward #Snowden tells SCMP: 'Let Hong Kong people decide my fate' - (v @28481k)

We Don't Data Mine Our Giant Data Collection, We Just Ask It Questions - it comes down to tech illiteracy #NSA

GM crops: UK environment secretary to push for relaxation of EU rules - climate denialist Paterson strikes again

US Chamber letter to USPTO opposes #fairuse, expresses "concerns" about WIPO treaty for #blind - kicking the disabled

France isolated as Germany drops opposition to US trade deal - does germany have death-wish? (v @JanAlbrecht)#TAFTA

Across Asia, officials' e-mails may be vulnerable - well, doh, people... (v @csoghoian)#prism

James Clapper: Obama stands by intelligence chief as criticism mounts - #Obama thinks "least untruthful" good enough

NSA surveillance played little role in foiling terror plots, experts say - but great 4 industrial espionage overseas

#Snowden: US government has been hacking Hong Kong and #China for years - “We hack network backbones" confirmed, then

Rep. Peter King Says Reporters Should Be Prosecuted For Reporting On Government Leaks - showing his true colours

#NZ Greens accuse PM of spying plan - jealous of obama... #prism

Developing World Needs GM Plants More Than It Needs Hippy Protesters - but it doesn't need patent slavery to Monsanto

No timeline on free-trade talks with EU: Harper - deadlock, in other words (v @mgeist)#CETA

Turkey's prime minister raises fears of protest 'showdown' - at least no one now can have any doubts about what he is

"This individual was a system administrator with access to key parts of the network." - so much for claims he wasn't

#India cracks down on foreign funding of NGOs - bad news for civil society there...

Previous NSA Leakers, Thomas Drake & Mark Klein, Speak Out In Defense Of Ed #Snowden - they don't seem to have doubts

#PRISM In EU: European Commission Warns Of 'Grave Consequences' From Spy Program - but not to the US, alas...

Spies Without Borders I: Using Domestic Networks to Spy on the World - important aspect, still being overlooked

"We have not responded to punches with punches. From now on security forces will respond differently" - says the thug

"public can’t see list of chemical ingredients of the hydraulic fluid forced into wells" - nothing to hide (v @BoraZ)

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