Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130623 - http://bit.ly/10f4Qui yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

The murky world of 'secretive #lobbying' in Brussels - http://bit.ly/11zWDC2 "lobby register must become mandatory for all" (v @ALTEREU)

Betrayals of the #NHS must end. It's time for doctors to fight back - http://bit.ly/11Y8DK2 also time for the #BBC to do its job and report

Ed #Snowden Leaves Hong Kong, Seeks Asylum In Ecuador, As US Officials Flip Out - http://bit.ly/12cPuHs good summary of weekend's events

Katharine Gun - http://bit.ly/15y08q7 kudos to the brave iraq war #whistleblower; unending shame on #blair, as ever (v @jmcest @ralpost)

Who'd try to smear Stephen Lawrence's family? A Met that's out of control - http://bit.ly/14kexqH "Praise be for #whistleblowers."

NSA Now Revealing A Lot More About What It Does Than #Snowden Leaks Did; So Is That Harming America? - http://bit.ly/134LRqn

Die Positionen der Bundestagsfraktionen zur Netzneutralit√§t - http://bit.ly/10MLZZV useful background info #netneutrality

Richard Stallman Speaks About #Surveillance in the Post-Leaks Era - http://bit.ly/19k5Ymz first of a series #rms

Doctors pass motion of no confidence in health secretary Jeremy Hunt - http://bit.ly/12dgFBUUK Gov's "ideological attack on the service" #nhs

Government cutting #NHS resources 'beyond the bone', says doctors' leader - http://bit.ly/1aHttnL "ministers risking patient safety"

Open source Python-based Freedom of Information platform - http://red.ht/10NfWJq important tool for transparency #de

Public Consultation on the EU guidelines on Freedom of expression - http://bit.ly/12dvvsd deadline 15 July: pl. respond if you can #EU

#Snowden: "to deprive him of his computer would be totally intolerable."  - http://nyti.ms/1a7ircH true geek (v @KeithBradsher @gadyepstein)

Senegalese award winner tells France to shove it - http://bit.ly/13504nd great story, great example (f @JulieOwono)#africa

US warns Moscow not to let Edward #Snowden escape Russia - http://bit.ly/18aRx33 otherwise obama will be very sad...

USA snokar i Europaparlamentets e-post -  http://bit.ly/15yFLcn let's hope the EP knows what to do... #dataprotection

How Barrett Brown shone light on the murky world of security contractors - http://bit.ly/10Ntqoz war on whistleblowers (v @BiellaColeman)

US film industry tries to weaken #copyright treaty for #blind people - http://bit.ly/14T62VT contemptible scumbags (@jamie_love)

#TAFTA/#TTIP FAQ & docs - http://bit.ly/144NMrC v useful resource; NB #EU ‘precautionary principle’, in danger of being sacrificed here

U.S. Surveillance Is Not Aimed at Terrorists - http://bloom.bg/1aHLDWz 'cos terrorists know how to avoid it (v @WeldPond @normative)

Protest (n.): A declaration of dissent.  - http://bit.ly/14lh7fW fine, angry piece (v undefined)

#Snowden sought Booz Allen job to gather evidence on NSA surveillance - http://bit.ly/1aHRpaC well, well (v @declanm)

Rep. Rogers: Snowden's Secrets 'Belong To The People Of The US' & He's A Traitor For Giving Them What They Own - http://bit.ly/15z8Rbv

When Jeremy Hunt can become health secretary, it's a sign Britain is sick - http://bit.ly/14loa8l great invective, sadly all true... #NHS

#GCHQ Revelations Destroy Case for #Snooper'sCharter - http://bit.ly/1ceHN52 UK gov already has all info, but it doesn't help police...

Questions for the UK government - http://bit.ly/12lhTqt excellent points from @OpenRightsGroup (v @tom_watson)#gchq #nsa

#MPAA's Actions, Emails Show That They're Doing Everything Possible To Screw Over The #Blind - http://bit.ly/14me47n

Scotland Yard spied on critics of police corruption - http://bit.ly/19wo8hD & they want us to let them spy on all of us? #snooperscharter

Demonizing Edward #Snowden: Which Side Are You On? - http://nyr.kr/1aIHYrt excellent, clear-sighted analysis (v @jjn1)

How can we invest our #trust in a government that spies on us? - http://bit.ly/10gYwm3 superb piece by @GeorgeMonbiot #surveillance

Assange reveals details of 'Snowden Op', slams US 'war on whistleblowers' - http://bit.ly/18bY4dC (v @alanhaggard @birgittaj)

Pirate Party Norway: - #Snowden Passed Through #Norway to #Iceland - http://bit.ly/14TQaCw (v @schestowitz)

Rep. Grayson: I've Seen The Details And There Is No Reason To Keep #TPP Secret - http://bit.ly/17yDl4i make all tabled documents public

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