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Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130613 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Congress, Finally Curious About NSA Spying, Discovers That It's Even More Widespread Than Previously Believed -  ORLY?

#Microsoft "provides intelligence agencies with information about bugs in its sw before it publicly releases a fix" -

U.S. Agencies Said to Swap Data With Thousands of Firms - "extend far beyond what was revealed by #Snowden"

Google Proposes Clever Video Codec License -- But The Real Problem With Patent Pools Remains - #vp8

UK Public wins right to film all council meetings - important principle (v @Joscelyn)

Significantly fewer people now playing sport regularly than before last year's Olympic Games - oh look (v @dml)#uk

Secret Trade Agreements Threaten to Undo Our Last Shreds of Food Safety - big problem with #TPP & #TAFTA/#TTIP

Police Trained to Treat Keystone XL Protesters as 'Terrorists' - this will become common #dissent

DoD: If You See A Leaked NSA Document, Press SHIFT And DELETE To Get Rid Of It - bunch of clowns

EU in last-minute push to convince France to back EU-US trade talks - sticks & carrots #TAFTA/#TTIP

Glyphosate induces human breast cancer cells growth via estrogen receptors - in "Food and Chemical Toxicology"

#Japan proposes #NSA-style agency and new #snooping laws - obviously really cares about public's views here...

NSA Leak Inquiry to Explore Whether Snowden Had China Tie - here comes the FUD & mud-slinging

 #Yahoo reportedly fought court order before joining PRISM - kudos to them

Senator Warren: If #TPP Transparency Would Lead To Public Opposition, Then TPP Is Wrong - exactly

"he was accused of putting internet firms' interests above national security" - no: this is about #privacy & #liberty

"high-ranking US official with ties to intelligence: more programmes skirting legality have still to be exposed" -

#SE: Copyright industry demands and gets levies for every #XBox and #Playstation sold - sense of entitlement much?

Secret Courts: 8 nightmare scenarios now possible in Britain - shameful that we have come to this; insanity

Only 1 Big Telecom CEO Refused To Give NSA Access It Wanted… And He’s Been In Jail For 4 Years - (v @PoliticallyCoNZ)

Digital Economy Act Lurches On; Public Still Shut Out - another slap in the face for UK citizens #DEAct

#Google+ is getting more & more intrusive: now it keeps asking me questions I don't want to answer. careful, Google, binning you is easy...

interesting: EU #TAFTA/#TTIP Team has its own #twitter account -
@EU_TTIP_team kudos for that (v @gchampeau @JSLefebvre)#transparency

"Why is the EU including Investor to State Dispute  Settlement in the #TTIP?" - a rather naive answer... #TAFTA

Leaked: NSA's Talking Points Defending NSA Surveillance - hey - meta-leaks... #prism

#Canada's #tarsands companies fail to clean up toxic waste, report finds - no penalties imposed...

Grupo de negociación de Capítulo de Inversión del #TPP sesionará en Canadá - the circus continues

Why ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’ Is the Wrong Way to Think About Surveillance - great analysis (v @xpectro)

Website filtering problems are a “load of cock” - public still not invited to plans to censor Web #UK

Notification to ICT Standardisation Group at the European Commission: Post-pone #DRM in HTML5 -

UK Government response to Shakespeare review - anyone read this yet? good, bad? #opendata

A guide to FISA §1881a: The law behind it all - excellent, detailed explanation #NSA #PRISM

race to colonize shoals in the South and East China Seas will destroy the very fishing stock Asia is fighting over -

Microsoft Said To Give Zero Day Exploits To US Government Before It Patches Them - good analysis

UK Government backtracks on its preference for #opensource - oh look, somebody has been twisting arms again

Surveillance d'Internet : des mesures attentatoires à la vie privée et probablement anticonstitutionnelles -

EU & US. will set a "Transatlantic group of experts to discuss" U.S. spying in detail - toothless &feeble #nsa

Shocking: UK minister promotes commercial tool directly to industry at closed-door ministry meeting - indeed

Rupert Murdoch Divorce: Tony Blair's Spokesperson Denies Rumors of Affair With Wendi Murdoch - </splutter>

Hell freezes over: Microsoft Office Mobile arrives for iOS - not in Kansas anymore

The Trade Deal Scam - "This is of course the opposite of free trade." (v @PCGTW)#TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

Introducing the #Mozilla Science Lab - #openscience #opensource

IuRe vydalo publikaci Power of Open: licence Creative Commons ve světě a v České republice - useful #cz

announcing the #mozilla science lab - more from @kaythaney #openscience

Senators Say No Evidence NSA Spying Prevented Attacks - awkward

NSA likely to declassify some information regarding phone and Internet surveillance inside next seven days -

Seeing the Consequences of #Copyright - "It is a monopoly created by statute"

Appeals Court Binds #Monsanto To Promise Not To Sue Organic Farmers

 - interesting ruling

Transatlantisches Abkommen: Aigner-Ministerium schießt gegen Handelspakt-Pläne - good: she gets it #TAFTA#TTIP

On #PRISM, partisanship and propaganda - "we are very busy working on and writing the next series of stories" #NSA

MT @williamheath Interesting: boss of a $1bn MidEast IT project tells me he's instructed contractor to relocate hosting out of US #FISAAA

Google, Facebook and others have betrayed their global users - those pesky foreigners that don't matter are waking up

Copyright Law on Internet Is a Total Train Wreck Right Now - why #cc licensing is not the solution (v @copyrightgirl)

FFII condemns investor-to-state arbitration in #TAFTA talks with US - this places multinationals above EU law #TTIP

#Prism NSA surveillance 'did not collect European data in bulk' -  #fail: all the weasel words are in there; worthless

#TPP negotiations quietly arrive in #Canada - let's give them the welcome they deserve by spreading this info

The influence of spies has become too much. It's time politicians said no - brilliant piece by John le Carré #nsa

Some Foreign Telcos Reportedly Defied #NSA Phone Spying Order - that's welcome news

Sources: Facebook in Talks With Feds to Allow #FISA Disclosures - more green shoots #nsa

Unprecedented Coalition Pushes Back on Government’s Domestic Spying - let's say it's a start... #nsa #prism

Music Biz Refines Technique, Large-Scale Web Blocking Just Around the Corner - another reasons #DEAct should go

NSA leaker Snowden is lying, say leaders of House Intelligence Committee - maybe; but #mandyricedavies applies

"All he had to do was raise his hand. ... Under the whistle-blower law, he is protected" - under obama? </facepalm>

FLOSS Manuals Offers New, Useful Guides to Cool FOSS Applications - great stuff

Call to 'let UK government scientists off leash' - where does cameron think he is? #canada? #censorship (v @slashdot)

Report: Red Hat to Switch Up MySQL for MariaDB - slap for #oracle

Why The Tech Industry Should Be Furious About #NSA's Over Surveillance - not just about privacy, but money too

#Clegg: it’s still no to a #snooperscharter - bravo - don't give in, you're our last hope... (v @julianhuppert)

Edward #Snowden's worst fear has not been realised – thankfully - still early days, alas: fightback has barely begun

Former NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney: NSA Is Making Itself Dysfunctional With Too Much Data - so we must create more

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