Thursday, 20 June 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130618 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Britain's response to the #NSA story? Back off and shut up - UK mainstream media have been pathetic

#Openaccess inaction - " I don't have access to a journal in which my own work is published" (v @Stephen_Curry)

WIPO: Informal Economy Innovates In The Absence Of Intellectual #Monopolies - so there you go

Public Outcry In #Taiwan Kills Their Version Of #SOPA - but, like Schwarzenegger, it will be back...

The Pace of Modern Life - yet more #xkcd brilliance

PMI awaits jurisdiction ruling in Uruguay bilateral investment treaty litigation - note use of forumshopping #tobacco

Google erases G8 venue from Earth: Microsoft doesn't - come on, Google, don't be so Soviet...

How the #NSA leaks may help EFF sue the government into defending its bulk surveillance programs - important point

Duran Adam - two important Turkish words we must learn #standingman #linguistics

What’s happening in Bulgaria? - looks like #Bulgaria could be next to blow in #SummerOfDiscontent (v @zakgreant)

#Ubuntu phone OS has eight carriers signed on to boost development - sounds promising

an #openaccess collection of 5 peer reviewed papers on the topic of Internet #censorship and control -

USA und Russland wollen Informationen über Hacker-Angriffe teilen - allies in the war on geeks

Caucasian music project - "Sayat Nova" (well, what else could they call it?) (v @LukaZanoni @onewmphoto)

Warning Letters Under UK's Three Strikes Plan Unlikely To Be Sent Out Before 2016 -- If Ever - repeal #DEAct now

Brazil’s Half-Miracle - useful background to what's happening in #Brazil

Farmed fish overtakes farmed beef for first time - I would never have guessed; but not good news for the environment

Sen. Warren Asks Froman to Release the Negotiating Text of the Trans Pacific Partnership - the pressure builds #TPP

Digital Rights Ireland: We are working to protect your online rights. We need your help - v important: pl. donate

Erschreckende Statistik: Geheimdienste & Polizei nutzen Stasi-Akten, auch amerikanische Behörden wie die NSA - awful

Hollywood Studios Keep Saying Its Employees Must Get Paid, And Now May Be Forced To Pay Its Interns - whoops

Here come the Edward #Snowden #truthers - who are all CIA agents, presumably... (v @JPBarlow @Asher_Wolf)

Guess You Thought I Was Someone To Mess With - this is just not acceptable (v @Asher_Wolf)

#Sweden Makes It Illegal To Take Photos In 'Private Environments' Without Permission - that'll work

New Anti-Piracy Group Will Monitor File-Sharers & Block All Major Torrent Sites - because world needs more snooping

The Trajectory of Television—Internet rebellion and hardware renaissance - television? does anyone still watch that?

RAP NEWS 19: Whistleblower featuring Edward #Snowden - fab, do not miss...

Geheimdienst-Experte: Kanzleramt und Innenminister waren über NSA-Überwachung “sehr genau unterrichtet” -

Правнучка Толстого выгрузит 90 томов в Интернет - great news (v @AVKulikova)#ru #literature

Federal court hears government had duty to consult Hupacasath First Nation on Canada-China FIPA ratification - #TPP

China was right all along: some thoughts on the PRISM case - interesting analysis (v @Asher_Wolf)

RT @hpeaks #Tibetan writer #Woeser @degewa tweets she is under house arrest again in Beijing: … >>awful news

Hadopi : Bloche enfonce le clou contre la riposte graduée, mais... - "..privatisation de la lutte contre le piratage"

#Google's chief legal officer: "we’re not in cahoots with the #NSA" - for some value of "cahoots"...

"J'espère que les agissements de #Snowden inspireront aux quatre coins du monde" - ouais, indeedy

LeaseWeb Deletes Megaupload's Servers Without Warning, Destroying Key Evidence - surely DoJ case just died?

Internet #Censorship and Control - an #openaccess collection (v Jose María Lancho)

#NSA Leaks Educate Terrorists Who ‘Don’t Understand The Net’ - unlike politicians, who still don't (v @trevortimm)

Removal of Net access compromises 'fundamental liberties' - would you cut off water if someone made illegal alcohol?

if you're not utterly gobsmacked by naked mole rats, you're missing out - (v @David_Dobbs @edyong209)

Hollywood's New Talking Point: Gatekeepers Are Awesome - this smacks of desperation to me #copyright

Marrakesh, delegates propose 2 pages of text on commercial availability - disgraceful shambles - shame on publishers

Bono can't help Africans by stealing their voice - nor by pushing Western patents on them #monopolies

Indien: Oberstes Gericht hört Klage eines Professors wegen der Überwachung durch die NSA an - interesting development

The European #Orphan Works Directive - an EIFL Guide - the directive is a bad joke - just forget it #copyright

The Lytro #Camera Finally Gets Wi-Fi - exciting, presumably...

A tour of Guantanamo Bay - important piece for gaining a little more insight on what is going on (v @boingboing)

Wearing a mask at a riot becomes a crime - 10 years as max punishment; probably get less for killing (v @Asher_Wolf)

Wired Editor Joins Andreessen Horowitz  To Lead New ‘Content Strategy’ - another journo does a bunk (v @mathewi)

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