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Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130607 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD (& what a day it was....)

NSA Spying Revelations Start To Cause Outrage In Europe; China Next? - they're mostly spying on us, not Usians

MT @davidgerard So what does the UK do about #PRISM? Sends out a D-notice ... which leaks - >> UK gov is pathetic

#PRISM: Here's how the #NSA wiretapped the Internet - plausible, especially in light of this:

Technical review of draft legislation on UK #copyright exceptions - important consultation and public meetings

We are shocked, shocked… - this is nonsense, because the writer clearly doesn't understand implications of scale #NSA

RT @kevinmarks i diffed them - comparing Larry and Mark word-for-word #Prism

US surveillance revelations deepen European fears of Web giants - come on, Europe do something: strong DP laws now

#Tobacco industry report: large decline in EU consumption, almost no change in illegal trade - #plainpackaging now

Obama-Backed #TPP Expands Corporate Lawsuits Against Nations for Lost Profits - same for #TAFTA/#TTIP

#netneutrality in #EU: "we mean to propose a full ban on blocking and throttling" - "we" =@NeelieKroesEU & her team

Civil liberties: GCHQ and the American data trough - 2should urgently be debated in parliament" #prism #nsa

G8 Hunger Summit demo - Cameron's neocolonial approach to poverty: "Civil society in #Africa is not being consulted"

On #Prism - "Stop thinking of PRISM as a calamity but as an opportunity for the EU to exploit." great stuff

Audiovisual Materials in the Classroom and the WIPO treaty for the blind - disgusting that deaf were excluded #MPAA

Google fires back against allegations of a selective, ‘drop box’ system for sharing users’ data - a developing story

MT jamie_love @glynmoody Yeah, I am stunned that this is happening. And, it is 100 percent the fault of the #MPAA . >> let's say it loud

Locals can now veto windfarms: so what about fracking? - my first thought: sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander

"The FBI wants a new law that will make it easier to wiretap the Internet." - easier??? #prism wasn't enough???

Obamas PRISM och EU’s datalagringsdirektiv - yes, let's not forget about EU's data retention directive here...

.@EDRI's excellent Comments on DPR Amendments in LIBE [pdf] - #prism should change everything here #privacy

lesson from history for those who strive to bring intelligence agencies to account - important points #Echelon #Prism

BTW, regarding that last link, turns out that @benjrooney is an unsung hero of the #Echelon story - kudos     

NSA mistakenly intercepted emails, phone calls of innocent Americans - no - surely not...? (v @manhack @NewsBreaker)

Tech Companies Concede to Surveillance Program - "to erect a locked mailbox and give the government the key" #prism

Why Canadians Should Be Demanding Answers About Secret Surveillance Programs - detailed reasons to be worried #canada

#PRISM: Computer Security Expert Gene Spafford Weighs In - with a provocative point about the timing of leak...

Maya Decipherment - oooh, exciting: "devoted to ideas and developments in ancient Maya epigraphy and related fields"

"could face up to 10 years behind bars—far more than 1-  and 2-year sentences doled out to Steubenville rapists" -

Confidential chat & file transfers with end-to-end strong encryption  - says it will be #opensource (v @mpesce)

Growing support for Spain ministry process tool made #opensource - that's good

lovely: Obama says China's industrial espionage more serious than his spying on world - "important … to distinguish"

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