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Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130606 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#NSA spying scandal: Expect big impact in EU & elsewhere - European Commission still happy to hand over our data

The #NSA's Favorite Weasel Word To Pretend It's Claiming It Doesn't Spy On Americans - important analysis

Australians at risk in US electronic surveillance program - applies to all furriners (v @Asher_Wolf)#NSA #EU

How to cost-justify the #NPfIT disaster – forecast benefits a decade away - what an utter fiasco #UK

Closing in on our seeds - insanity: when we need diversity most, #EU wants to hand over our agriculture to #monsanto

GroenLinks wil Europese actie tegen Amerikaanse datagraaierij - more MEPs must support this (v @RichardWouters)#NSA

Meet the world's best new #environment bloggers - great to see this from @guardian - well done (v @edyong209)

What's the Net Net on Neelie Kroes's EU #NetNeutrality? - now there's a question

Privatised rail has meant 'higher fares, older trains & bigger taxpayers' bill' - wait until you see privatised #NHS

Why, Yes, Of Course The #NSA Spying Involves More Companies Than Already Listed - this has barely begun

Court ruling fails to stop business lobbies' privileged access in EU-India trade talks - regrettable

Phone Records Shared With U.K. - the tentacles begin to spread #NSA (v @EliLake @Asher_Wolf)

Looks like @jimmyschulz's battle against #swpats in Germany is going well - great news

Europeans call for answers over U.S. web spying allegations - EU governments must investigate & act #NSA #PRISM

US Businesses Urge Obama To Stoke Trade War With India - amazing hypocrisy here

#NSA Boss Claims Real Villain Here Is Press For Revealing His Secret Spying Program - oh, look, a squirrel


Sources: #NSA sucks in data from 50 companies - so that's from 7 to 50; do I hear 1000? (v @lennarthuizing)

Warner Bros: We’re Fining File-Sharers Who Use Non Six-Strike ISPs - interesting

Obama said he wasn't spying on Europeans using US services because that would be impossible under US law - #privacy

UK gathering secret intelligence via covert #NSA operation - @guardian has more details #PRISM #GCHQ

la plateforme nationale des interceptions judiciaires ou l’histoire d’une fuite - France's PRISM (v @fwix_)

yesterday & today show #twitter at its best: important news passed on as soon as it appears, accompanied by stream of insightful comments

ALRC backs fair use #copyright reform, but political hurdles remain - important points #Australia

Could the #NSA be spying on the wife of China’s president? - she uses an iPhone, so...of course... #yikes

Tech Companies Deny Letting NSA Have Realtime Access To Their Servers, But Choose Their Words Carefully - everyone is

"The freaky Dark Side of the Moon-style design looks like something a Bond villain would use" - ha! #prism #nsa

Hacker Who Exposed Steubenville Rape Case Could Spend More Time Behind Bars Than The Rapists - war on #hackers again

MT @csoghoian NSA is not a charity. If they are sharing intercept data with UK gov, then they are getting something in return >>my concern

Tobacco firm begins 'stealth-marketing' campaign against plain packaging - #tobacco companies are utter scum #cancer

Anonymous Leaks Some #NSA Documents About PRISM - lots more fun on the way

Software patentability – intergroup motion in the German Parliament - why on earth are Die Linke against this?

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Proposed FOI Law reforms would limit access to much information of public importance - bad move

President Obama 'Welcomes' The Debate On Surveillance That He's Avoided For Years Until It Was Forced Upon Him - #NSA

US-Spitzelskandal: Aigner nimmt Internet-Giganten in die Pflicht - just cancel US "safe harbour" status now

Was the Communications Data Bill just a cover for Prism Data? - interesting analysis #NSA #CDB

EU-Datenschutzreform: PRISM wird auch in Brüssel verhandelt - "PRISM hat gezeigt: Datenschutz betrifft uns alle."

#ICANN to shift around top-level execs will also rename organisation TITANIC #deckchairs

#prism: Gli americani intercettano le comunicazioni degli internauti.  Ma l’Italia fa anche peggio - #NSA

EU mulls rules for compensating cartel victims - #ISDR will circumvent these #TAFTA/#TTIP

#Openknowledge at the Open Government Partnership conference in Mombasa, Africa - good stuff

#OpenSource Environmental Monitoring Platform - #arduino-compatible kickstarter project; nearly there

Through a PRISM darkly: Tracking the ongoing #NSA surveillance story - if you blinked; good summary

"Unwarranted gov. surveillance is an intrusion on basic human  rights that threatens v foundations of democratic society" -@timberners_lee

#Canada is part of the eavesdropping network - doubtless many others are, too (v @alexpensato @ioerror)

Larry Page writes: "What the...?" - "that Google is providing open-ended access to our users’ data are false, period"

#FSF on #PRISM revelations - "Avoid Software as a Service, and instead pursue autonomous & free software solutions."

Page on Prism: Zuckerberg on Prism: they can't even be bothered to change wording much #NSA

Dissecting Tech's #PRISM Spying Denials - 7 compared; obvious similarities (v @RyanHeathEU)

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