Friday, 31 May 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130529 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

EFF Makes Formal Objection to #DRM in #HTML5 - nice move; sad to see @timberners_lee on the wrong side of this

Afghanistan war has cost Britain more than £37bn, new book claims - for nothing; imagine it spent on A&E depts...

Reporters Tell Attorney General Eric Holder They Won't Agree To 'Off The Record' Meeting - quite right

RT @NeelieKroesEU:"you saved their right to access the open internet, by guaranteeing #netneutrality" - but how?

EU Clinical trials: clearer rules, better protection - looks like progress is being made towards #opendata

Number of ambulances turned away from A&E increases by 24% - people are probably dying because of this collapse #NHS

New #dataprotection rules at risk, EU watchdog warns - some MEPs betraying their constituents

EU ministers approve crackdown on over-fishing - I hope so - we can't go on like this

EU agrees workable deal on fisheries reform to recover fish stocks - wow,@GreenpeaceEU approves (v @jonworth)

Imprisoned CIA Torture Whistleblower John Kiriakou Pens “Letter from Loretto” - well-written, fascinating

#Baidu announces new version of maps that allows friends 2 chat & share their real-time location - chinese innovation

Innovators, Public Interest Groups & #OpenAccess Supporters Pull Out Of Talks On EU #Copyright In Protest -

EU citizens demand #transparency and independent science on GMOs - why we must have #opendata from #EFSA

#Taiwan's #Copyright Proposals Would Combine SOPA With A Dash Of The Great Firewall Of #China - not good

Sources: no Digital Economy Act copyright warning letters until 2016 at earliest - useful update (v @copyrightgirl)

why investor-state dispute resolution could sabotage national health efforts on smoking - big threat (v @PCGTW)#TPP

Witnesses at US Trade Hearing Offer Opinions (& Warnings) on Intellectual Property in Upcoming Negotiations with EU -

Non-GM demand rocketing in US - interesting if confirmed #gmlabelling

China to study joining #TPP - since TPP is anti-#china, that would be surprising, to say the least

EU, Canada’s differences over financial services holding up free trade pact: documents - grinding on #CETA

Theresa May betrays our values by banning extremists from airwaves - pathetic kneejerk reaction (v @PoliceStateUK)

Massive Growth In Independent Musicians & Singers Over The Past Decade - great analysis

Announcing the Financial #Transparency Coalition - welcome move

#Ubuntu declares bug #1 -- '#Microsoft has a majority market share' -- closed - what a jester

Latin American Civil Liberties groups urge MEPs to protect #privacy - knock-on benefits: just do it #dataprotection

Snooper's charter is threat to Net freedom, web 5 warn May - kudos to Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo! & Twitter

Computer Scientists Urge Court 2 Block Copyright Claims in Oracle v. Google API Fight - (c) for APIs mad (v @webmink)

#CBS Tells Court: No One Could Possibly Read Our Statements 'We Will Sue Aereo' To Mean We Will Sue Aereo - hilarious

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