Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130512 - http://bit.ly/ZZPkCJ yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Amelia Andersdotter: Internet #copyright laws? They can walk plank, says Pirate Party politician - http://ind.pn/14gJ3SR shallow interview

Environmental Review to Delay Two GM Crops - http://nyti.ms/ZZQRc5 "may significantly affect the quality of the human environment" #us

Space Oddity - http://bit.ly/10HhBz9 start the week on the right note with this witty & uplifting rendition...from space

#TPP could bypass cap on liability for tighter gambling laws - http://bit.ly/17WKAzq more reasons to reject investor-state clauses

Dokument zur EU-Datenschutzverordnung geleakt: Ministerrat zieht Datenschutz weiter die Zähne - http://bit.ly/11xtTMc bad move

Anonymous MSFT developer admits Linux is faster than Windows - http://zd.net/YQ4zzo "In short, Microsoft has become an "old" company."

Data retention divergence as US, UK mull mass surveillance - http://bit.ly/YEdtOd useful review (v @KellieTranter @suigenerisjen)

Cameron Hires Lobbyist Into the Heart of Government - http://bit.ly/12tkelv read how the #NHS will be destroyed (v @tom_watson)

Tribunale: Il titolare di un blog risponde di istigazione a delinquere per i commenti violenti di terzi anonimi – bit.ly/18Fhh5M

Heute Anhörung des Rechtsausschusses zu Softwarepatenten - http://bit.ly/10ljccn good to see @jwildeboer there, flying flag for #freesw

Night GP service 'staffed by nurses' - http://bit.ly/10HFQxa another taste of the privatised #NHS

New #Android Boss Finally Reveals Plans for World’s Most Popular Mobile OS - http://bit.ly/10HGoTN good interview, nothing really new

Peruvians To President: Our Digital Rights Are Non-Negotiable - http://bit.ly/17WZjus go, peru #TPP

Thoughts on the White House Executive Order on #OpenData - http://bit.ly/15EUSHe good analysis

VP9 nears completion at WebM - http://bit.ly/10lkXq3 nice, but what impact will it have?

MI5 has to terminate £90m IT system over fears 4 spies’ safety - http://ind.pn/14gZzCd think they can keep Net data safe? (v @AnnieMachon

Bloomberg Reporters Had Full Access To Customer Usage Logs - http://bit.ly/13TyRA0 who would ever trust #bloomberg again?

#Adobe price hike: Your money or your files, frappuccino sippers - http://bit.ly/YEu3gO only fools would accept this deal

How Publishers Have Fought Against the Treaty for the Blind - http://bit.ly/14hcSCC what do these people see when they look in the mirror?

#OpenData, Creative Destruction and Money - http://bit.ly/18FA8O9 more #opensource begets more destruction begets more money

Le iTax: France mulls tax on smartphones, tablets, and more - http://bit.ly/19iDG6E yeah, that'll drive innovation (v @dml)

Guantanamo force-feed policy exposed - http://aje.me/13sZUTq sick: "requires them to wear masks over their mouths while they sit shackled"

How Listing Ukraine as a Priority Foreign Country in Special 301 Violates the #WTO Agreements - http://bit.ly/13UtTTC *v* interesting point

Swedish National Prosecutor Says Sharing Music/Movies Must Be Punished Harshly, 'cos “It Funds Terrorism” - http://bit.ly/10IAQbC old FUD

Supreme Court: Patent Rights Block Farmers from Saving and Re-Planting Patented Seeds - http://bit.ly/14hCH5F why seed patents must go

#Monsanto Wins Case Of Seed Patents; Planting Your Own Legally Purchased & Grown Seeds Can Be Infringing - http://bit.ly/18GoJgY

Xu Zhiyong: On the New Citizens’ Movement - http://bit.ly/11zmXOJ brave bloke #china (v @isaac)

Daft Punk Fights Piracy With Convenience, Streams Entire “Random Access Memories” Album Days Before Release – http://tcrn.ch/101hzkv

6 Horrifying Revelations About Force-Feeding at #Guantanamo - http://bit.ly/13tNqLq shameful stuff #torture

Semi liberi come software libero - http://bit.ly/10EnGYv free the code... #DNA

Hackathon Trademarked in Germany? Now What? - http://bit.ly/10EnLeK luckily, #pj is on it....

We need open carbon emissions data now! - http://bit.ly/19kvLWf indeed, it's a matter of life or death... #climatechange

French Report Says: Kill #Hadopi, But Let Its Legacy Live On - http://bit.ly/10mpJnb </le sigh>

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