Thursday, 30 May 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130528 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

US-EU Trade Deal In Trouble Before It Even Starts? - will swivel-eyed loons change world history? #TAFTA/#TTIP

BSA-Piraterie-Studie: Leerstelle freie Software - further musings thereon #opensource

When the facts don’t fit your argument for snooping, just make them up - great rebuttal of stupid comments

Il tribunale del riesame di Roma  annulla il decreto di sequestro del  Cyberlocker mondiale  Rapidgator -

“Licences4Europe” has not accepted “The Right to Read is the Right to Mine” - great polemic #openaccess #textmining

[RT]  Genachowski: Exit Interview - "The outgoing FCC boss on net neutrality, political polarization, & free speech"

RSA: National Recordal System for Indigenous Knowledge launched - interesting move

City of #Munich: "Migration to sustainable desktop completed successfully" - hugely important project - kudos to all

Could Crowdfunding Help Build Cities? - intriguing

Free David Byrne/St Vincent EP - fab

Wild lynx to be brought back to British countryside - can't wait for wolves & bears too (v @Protohedgehog @edyong209)

Toronto cops hospitalize hotel guest who recorded them arresting another guest - luckily, they were recorded

Testimony Prepared for the USTR Hearing on #TAFTA/#TTIP - good analysis

Danish Police Admit That #DataRetention Hasn't Helped At All - great: now we have a data point we can point to #dk

How Long Before A Patent Kills A Hundred Million People? - worth thinking about #genepatents #influenza

Ireland to introduce plain cigarette packets - kudos; pity #cameron lacks the guts to follow suit #tobacco

#Australia government goes with #ODF document standard - great move #openstandards

More Than 500 Million Photos Are Shared Every Day - we live in the Age of #Sharing #opensource

VP8 cross-license draft compatible with FOSS #licensing - hmmm... (v @cdaffara)

Treaty for the #Blind in Jeopardy, #Copyright Zealots to Blame - but hey, #monopolies before #mercy (v @xpectro)

The Aftermath Of Napster: Letting Incumbents Veto Innovation Slows Down Innovation Drastically - good points

Boris Johnson unveils plan for £1bn Chinese business district - bonkers - I like it... (v @ChinaBizWatch)#london

#Assange: latest interviews - not dull, at least

First Crowdfunded #Space Telescope Open to the World - lovely idea

Cambridge University Linguists Use Twitter To Study How #Welsh Language Use Is Changing - fascinating #linguistics

EU Ombudsman: EFSA fails on conflict of interests - #EFSA must be reformed if it is to be credible

Dänemark: Internetüberwachung ist unbrauchbar zur Strafverfolgung - important admision #dk

White House Makes It Impossible For The Blind To Sign Petition Supporting Copyright Treaty For The Blind -

Days to stop the #whale massacre - how could any decent human being kill these animals for dogfood? #epetition

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