Monday, 27 May 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130525 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Hackney GPs to challenge out-of-hours bid bombshell - #TAFTA/#TTIP will make this happen everywhere #nhs

Why Drummer Rigby’s slaughter should haunt Clegg - cynical & ignorant piece about #snooperscharter

Tories look at limiting GP visits - after that, just go & die in the corner without troubling the rich any more #nhs

Spying on citizens is criminal - people start asking questions in #zambia (v @JulieOwono)#surveillance

Who owns Superman? The Man of Steel fights #trademark law - interesting point about #fanfic

With European Elections One Year Out, Pirate Representation Expected To Triple - let's hope #EU

How Religious Corporations Are Gobbling Up Healthcare Facilities - "subject to a set of theological agreements"

USians: How You Can Help Create a Better Farm Bill - "support for labeling of foods with GM ingredients"

How Corporations Are Subverting Attempts to Rein in Their Power - the biggest threat in #TAFTA/#TTIP - pl. read

Triple-nested Klein bottle - now that's nice

How Corporations use Global Investment Rules to Undermine A Sustainable Future - detailed report on investor-state disputes

ARM In Supercomputers — 'Get Ready For the Change' - more good news for #linux

British broadcaster BSkyB has all of its Android apps hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army - careless

Is This Kickstarter Project the Future of #Blogging? - #opensource and ambitious - great combination

ProjectLibre edges in on Microsoft Project dominance - we really need this #opensource #projectplanning

Introducing - "an organized system of post-publication review"; interesting project

Tizen running on a Intel UltraBook at the Tizen Conference 2013 - so is #tizen finally taking off? #linux

Will Irish courts take phone hacking seriously? - weird stuff

Research sector, SMEs, civil society groups & #oa publishers withdraw from Licences for EU re text & data mining -

Five Undercover Police Cars Sent To Arrest Single Alleged Movie Pirate - absurd overreaction & waste of police time

Taking the privacy message to MEPs - we need to do this much more often to counter #lobbying #EU

Schedule of Witness Testimony at #TAFTA/#TTIP Hearing Next Week - so it begins

RIAA: The #Copyright Reform We Need Is To Make Everyone Else Copyright Cops - destroy the Net rather than change

Chevron calls for strong investor rights chapter in US-EU trade deal - "be able to challenge European fracking bans"

RIAA Makes Drastic Employee Cuts as Revenue Plummets - time to bin it

Greek Gene Bank’s Struggle Indicative Of Changing Times - why we can't risk depending on seedbanks

Is "Licences for Europe" already falling apart? The case of text and data mining - the whole project was a disgrace

Millions march against #Monsanto - so what next? (v @WarOnWant @olivierhoedeman)

Mass surveillance wouldn't have saved the life of Drummer Rigby - spot on; this is just "cynical opportunism": shame

#Copyright Amendment Will Bring Web Filter System to Taiwan - foolish move (v @avilarenata)#censorship #sopa

EU Hackathon 2013: Visualisieren, wie Behörden auf private Online-Kommunikation zugreifen und gewinnen - sehr cool

Cap on number of GP visits being considered by Tories - appalling idea (v @BellaPagan @BendyGirl @cstross)#nhs

WHO Should Have The Evidence? Ben Goldacre Refutes WHO Director’s Claim - yay, go @bengoldacre

Police Confiscate Food And Sleeping Bags From Homeless In Ilford - what kind of heartless swine would do that?

Neelie Kroes responds: Old mantras and political uncertainty 4 net neutrality in Europe - look it's easy: just do it

Cheap shale gas bubble 'will burst within 2-4 years': Expert - so let's not even go there #fracking

Kim Dotcom to Google, Twitter, Facebook: I Own Security Patent, Work With Me - how to lose credibility

Cops Go Undercover at High School to Bust Special-Needs Kid for Pot - how pathetic can you get? #bullies

Theresa May lines up new measures to combat terrorism - she should just resign now #surveillance

Google defends its use of proprietary tech in Hangouts - good luck with that, #evil #Google (v @jackschofield)

[RT] How Corporations Are Subverting Attempts to Rein in Their Power - the biggest threat in #TAFTA/#TTIP - pl. read

[RT] good report on investor-state dispute resolution - how they undermine national sovereignty #TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

Why should Canadians care about investor-state treaties? - they override national sovereignty (v @DrRimmer @CeOlivet)

Double heart and lung transplant dies nine days after she has benefits stopped - this is tories' UK (v @Asher_Wolf)

last story: worth noting it was privatised #Atos assessors that said she was "fit to work" days before she died - our future, UK #compassion

Leading scientist attacks university over 'outrageous' IVF treatment patent - more idiotic US patents on nature

needless to say, #BBC news has not one iota about the 2 million people marching against #monsanto yesterday; the mega-fail continues... #sad

Türkei: Religiöse greifen Kuss-Protest an - kiss-in: lovely idea

Tory-Labour pact could save #snooping bill, says Michael Howard - wow, coalition of control freaks: shame on #labour

 "sharp rise in malformations mirrored v closely increase in cultivation of GMO soya" - #glyphosate likely culprit

I always wondered why Microsoft chose "bing" - "pile built of accumulated spoil - the overburden or other waste rock"

Virginia Republicans Nominate Anti-Science Candidate for Governor - contemptuous of science, dreadful news

Luftüberwachung: Deutsche Bahn setzt Drohnen gegen Graffiti-Sprüher ein - wow, probably just the start #drones

"would prevent #TPP governments  from requiring companies to disclose proprietary formulas for  their products" -

#Iceland campaigns to restrict internet porn - only way to do that is to shut down the Net... #is

Is the #TPP a Waste of Time and Energy? - good analysis of US hypocrisy (v @limweywen @fifarahman)

At trade talks, US, EU ready for fight on genetically modified crops -  will the European Commission cave on this?

Samsung invests $25 million to open its first US-based patent business - the madness spreads

US (c) industry: make it legal for us to deploy rootkits, spyware,  ransomware and trojans to attack pirates! - nuts

Government-backed logging 'pushing rare possum towards extinction' - nice pice for launch of #Guardian #Australia

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