Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130526 - http://bit.ly/15ahf2X yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Britain resists EU bid to set new target on renewable energy - http://bit.ly/18txbPI stupid old tories strike again

Updated: "Final" version of the text for the CEWG "Decisions Point" - http://bit.ly/10uBdp7 is this good or bad?

Xiaomi’s Daring Plan to Let Fans Design the Phone - http://bit.ly/12XQqid v interesting approach #android #china

Google Glass Comes To Android Phones Unofficially - http://bit.ly/11qv2ns interesting

Hablando del #TPP en PuntoEdu - http://bit.ly/19gkxVD getting the message out

#TPP & TSA will undermine sovereignty - http://bit.ly/10uCQmW of course - that's the point

Obama's trade reps and the MPAA are killing a copyright treaty that gives rights to disabled people - http://bit.ly/16jURIW shameful

#Opensource, cross-platform office suite Joeffice was created in just 30 days - http://bit.ly/17eIBd3 anyone tried this?

Stakeholders from research sector, SMEs and #openaccess publishers withdraw from Licences for Europe - http://bit.ly/11kwGBj (v @MaelB)#EU

'The Sumatran rainforest will mostly disappear within 20 years' - http://bit.ly/13UPVqo shame on #indonesia, shame on western companies

Despite High Court Intervention, Copyright Trolls Continue Where ACS:Law Left Off - http://bit.ly/12Y44SA will they ever stop?

Verhandlungsstand der Datenschutzreform im Ministerrat – Minister schützen Markt, aber keine Daten - http://bit.ly/13UQn88 what a betrayal

Bio-Hackers, Get Ready - http://tcrn.ch/13UQHnk exciting stuff, but all closed-source as far as I can see...

Book launch of ”The Digital Public Domain: Foundations for an Open Culture”, Brussels, June 18th - http://bit.ly/14WijIe important project

How #Drones With Facial Recognition Technology Will End #Anonymity, Everywhere - http://read.bi/15boTtR that's a pity (v @jackschofield)

#Fairphone: social values with smart, radically open design that considers full lifecycle of the product - http://bit.ly/14Xecvx #android

Intellectual property in the time of crowdfunding - http://bit.ly/14XgpHq why the latter renders intellectual monopolies superfluous

Neutralité des réseaux : quelles solutions pour quelle transparence ? - http://bit.ly/11rF2wO Bruxelles 06 juin #netneutrality (v @MaelB)

Italiens 5-Sterne-Bewegung kommt nach Deutschland - http://bit.ly/15bNdfb wow: Grillchen im Deutschland (v @Liberationtech @EthanZ)#de

#TPP: Japón estará en próxima ronda de negociación - http://bit.ly/1aqW5Pb then the fun begins (v @derechosdigital @fifarahman)#japan

EU exit would put US trade deal at risk, Britain warned - http://bit.ly/11rLrIs wow, #UKIP might kill #TAFTA/#TTIP

Another Reason Why #OpenSource Wins: Fairness - http://bit.ly/17gXGe9 enter the #Fairphone #android #bloodminerals

Sensationsfund: Porträt von Georg #Büchner auf Dachboden entdeckt  - http://bit.ly/16kMxst exciting; one of my favourite writers

Italian prosecutor may put Facebook staff under investigation after suicide over 'bullying' - http://bit.ly/15bZZdv (v @LifeinSicily)

Woolwich murder — the “why?” should be obvious - http://bit.ly/115P1WT yup: Blair's ridiculous line actions abroad have no consequences

Dear #WordPress - http://bit.ly/18uH0wT nicely done - & happy birthday (v @mathewi)

Culls risk illegally exterminating #badgers, animal expert warns - http://bit.ly/ZoYL02 after bees, another #paterson fiasco: resign now

My manifesto for rewilding the world - http://bit.ly/13dsFSb intriguing idea

Matt Mullenweg on how #opensource is democratising the web - http://bit.ly/114fVv9 looking back on 10 years of #wordpress

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