Thursday, 9 May 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130507 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Queen's speech to feature new curbs on migrants from EU - of all the problems facing UK, they chose this non-issue

#IKEA: Stop destroying Russia’s remaining ancient forests - shame #epetition

Our Common Wealth: The Hidden Economy That Makes Everything Else Work - the #commons needs more respect (v @maira)

U.S. agriculture welcomes international biotech agreement - another attempt to circumvent national regulations #AU

European Court Puts Release Of Drug Safety Data On Hold - pharma puts profits before human lives #AbbVie #InterMune

Draft EU-Canada trade treaty threatens Europe's #fracking bans - investment-state disputes must be taken out #CETA

G8 under pressure to rethink #biofuel mandates - too right, this approach is insane

Samsung-Apple Patent Fight: Is It Worth It? - well, guess #bonkers

Irish PM faced with excommunication threat - as if anyone cared about idiotic medieval threats

#Disney Drops Controversial Dia De Los Muertos #Trademark Bid After Online Uproar - only because people protested

Why the Idea of the Software Patent Does Not Fly - & other reasons why they are bad in every way #swpats

Clinical trials startup TrialReach doses up on $3.1m funding led by Octopus Investments - but will it be #opendata?

First Year of Korea Free Trade Agreement Data Shows U.S. Exports Down, Trade Deficit with Korea Up - who needs FTAs?

Record satisfaction with NHS even among Tory voters - why destroy it through creeping privatisation? (v @marcuschown)

OLAF's leaked Dalligate report underlines need to end tobacco #lobbyist's role as EU ethics adviser - too right

RT @julianhuppert  David Blunkett argues for the reintroduction of #IDcards! #fb >>will he never get the message? #authoritarianism

Intellectual Property Owners Association Against Helping The #Blind Because It Would 'Set A Dangerous Precedent' –

#Harper’s obsession with controlling the message verges on the Orwellian - #stalinist, more like #canada #censorship

7 Poisons/Cruel Food Practices that #TAFTA/#TTIP will doubtless try to force on EU - get ready to fight (v @PCGTW)

Stop modernising Lhasa, pleads Tibetan writer - cultural genocide proceeds apace #tibet #china

Queen's speech revives 'snooper's charter' legislation - time to sack May, a clueless authoritarian #snooperscharter

South Sudan focuses on ICT to rebuild - great opportunity for #opensource to help (v @africatechie)#africa

fantasy: Inside the NRA's 2013 Convention - reality: "a dead girl on a hospital cot, her neck and head ripped open"

Documentary about trying to stop #tarsands oil pipeline - "seeking post-production funds to complete his documentary"

Watch a Guy Get Sucked Out of a Plane When His Parachute Deploys Early - whoops: hope he was all right...

Japanese Movement Against #TPP Growing - excellent analysis of Japanese attitudes, & impact on its health system

Furore deepens over Stephen Hawking's Israel boycott - tony blair will be attending: say no more...

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