Saturday, 18 May 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130516 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Investor State Dispute Settlement Provisions in the #TPP: Impact on Access to Knowledge [pdf] - this is a huge threat

#Blender dives into 3D printing industry - a marriage made in open source heaven #3Dprinting

Information Flow and Trade Agreements: History and Implications for Consumers’ Privacy [pdf] - useful analysis #TPP 

Jeff Merkley Pushes '#Monsanto Protection Act' Repeal - be good, but I'm not holding my breath (v @DrRimmer)

Saudi princes lose battle to keep court documents secret - up as a juicy courtroom battle

Large Corporations Seek U.S.–European #TAFTA/#TTIP to Further Global Dominance - long, sceptical (v @HeartPowered)

Just say no to impact factors - yes: the next big fight in#openscience (v @jameswilsdon @Stephen_Curry)

Publisher Threatens to Sue Blogger for $1-Billion -</facepalm> #openaccess (v @klang67)

How the Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens online rights and freedoms - "we don't have a say in any of this" #TPP

#TPP Resources - including 3 excellent research papers

Some thoughts on the Shakespeare Review of Public Data - stuff #opendata

What Happens When the Food Industry Regulates Itself - this is what #TAFTA/#TTIP will try to bring to #EU #foodsafety

Whistleblowing & ICANN - #ICANN was, is, & probably always will be an utter disaster: bin it, start again (v @jmcest)

Digital coalition asks for a fair deal on #TPP #copyright provisions - hardly too much to ask...

Australian Scientists Develop Printable A3-Sized Solar Cells - sounds great #energy

How #Monsanto Is Using Cronies in Congress to Take Away States' Rights to Label Genetically Modified Foods - #choice?

How transnational corporations use trade & investment treaties as powerful tools in oil, mining, gas disputes [pdf] -

Risks of wiretap modifications to endpoints - FBI #FUD; in fact: "this seems to be a golden age of surveillance"

Why Was Hacker 'Weev' Put in Solitary Confinement? - persecution continues

#Australia's net filter sneaks into operation through back door - bad stuff happening surreptitiously

RT @mikebutcher Considering the huge roof area of Clapham Junction, it’s amazing not to see it covered in solar panels.>>great idea

The Importance of Being Attributed - kickstarter project to deal with issues of attribution #cc #licensing

Hunters incensed at Italian MEP’s call for sanctions on Malta - bravo Zanoni, shame on #malta (v @LifeinSicily)

Population growth and climate change explained by Hans Rosling – video - nicely done

Trans Atlantic free trade agreement could be a monster - waking up to risks of #TAFTA/#TTIP (v @PostActa)#foe

[correct URL] #Denmark: Infopaq-case decided after eight years - copyright for 11 words? come on.. (v @copyrightgirl)

Turkey seeks seat at US-EU trade table - as previously rumoured #TAFTA/#TTIP

Join us at ORGCon2013! - tickets going fast, sold out last year... #london #digitalrights

Banking Privacy More Important than Copyright Enforcement, Court Rules - important precedent

Lead the World on Internet Rights, Web Inventor urges #Brazil - great to see @timberners_lee support #marcocivil

Why are #Facebook#IBM#Microsoft & #Oracle Backing the Fight AgainstBlind? - should explain where they stand

European Parliament to Vote Green Light to Next #ACTA? - ACTA++

Saudi Religious Police: Anyone Using #Twitter 'Has Lost This World And His Afterlife' - </insert witticism here>

Nigeria announces national ID cards with electronic payment capability built in - it's a trick (v @africatechie)

A Framework For #Copyright Reform - useful summary of US meeting

Elsevier, NewsCorp, Facebook, and Yahoo join ignorant attack on #openaccess - thought #Yahoo was getting a clue? nope

#TPP Round 17: Lima, Peru - lots of articles and videos (in#spanish)

Corporate Power Unbound: Investor-State Arbitration of IP Monopolies on Medicines – Eli Lilly & #TPP - a must-read

"#TPP es una gran idea en proceso de desarrollo. Debemos transformarlo en oportunidad real para nuestras economías" -

Google's open video proposal closes door on software freedom - #google's backsliding very worrying

Global warming has not stalled, insists world's best-known climate scientist -  "diversionary tactic" from "deniers"

Big Pharma Firms Seeking .pharmacy Domain To Crowd Out Legitimate Foreign Pharmacies - why we must junk new domains

Three Months of Open Development - fascinating insights into the world of #ODI #opendata #opendevelopment

Turkey’s economy comes of age with a prized investment-grade rating - #turkey on the up, #UK on way down...

Lib Dem minister urges coalition to carry out plain cigarette packet plan - but #cameron happy for thousands to die

4 Inhumane Realities about Guantanamo Hunger Strike - "a practice that’s torture & in violation of international law"

Huge Rock Crashes Into Moon, Sparks Giant Explosion - exciting #science

Google Investing in #Drone Tech - I'd be shocked if they didn't

Mediocre Poison Eaters And The Imperfection of Evolution - that it's happened incredibly fast; fascinating

Spanish Wikipedia surpasses the 1 million article milestone - who says #Wikipedia is languishing...? #es

DDOS actions and the challenge of civil disobedience on the internet - interesting, important issues explored

New International Coalition to #TPP Negotiators: We Demand a Fair Deal for the Internet - fair's fair

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