Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130506 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

To the space station & beyond with #Linux - "needed an operating system that was stable and reliable" (v @jasonwryan)

English May Have Retained Words From an Ice Age Language - lovely idea, but controversial #linguistics

Now US And EU Want To Apply Upward Ratchet To #TRIPS Itself - enough is never enough for the rich #copyright

#Biofuels industry sent ‘3 mails an hour’ in ILUC lobby offensive - strange these weren't blocked like the public's

EU-Kommission will Netzneutralität sichern? Don´t believe the hype! - quite #netneutrality

Re:publica: Von Afrika lernen - sounds like a good idea #africa #rp13

Für einen Neustart der Urheberrechtsdebatte: - at the very least... #copyright

Access to Medicines Is Key to Reducing Suffering from #Asthma - don't worry, #TPP will soon put a stop to that #NZ

#UK's QinetiQ pwned for years by Chinese hackers - why would anyone trust their products now? (v @ustuntman)

27 common scams to avoid - good to see #guardian showing #Microsoft #Windows logo in list of scams...

EU Consultations: A Modest Proposal - I respond to the response to my response #IPRED #copyright

EU Data Protection - Privacy Alert: #0 Introduction - we need to protect our privacy: that means contacting MEPs

#Antibiotics could cure 40% of chronic back pain patients - great news, but makes new antibiotics even more urgent

Cloning the world's oldest #trees to reforest the planet - interesting project

Why the politics of envy are keenest among the very rich - the despair at the heart of money (v @bengoldacre)

GE Crop Risk Assessment Challenges: An Overview - #GM uses more pesticides, not less: research needed on effects

"Turkey as Trojan Horse for loosening EU #GM regulatory approaches" for #TAFTA/#TTIP? - big battle over #GM coming

#China’s largest law firm announces #Brussels opening -  talk about symbolism

Trans Pacific Partnership analysis complete but confidential: Fast - lots of equivocation there... #TPP #CETA

Megaupload Launches Frontal Attack on White House Corruption - attack is the best defence #copyright

Tackling tax evasion: will the Commission listen to anyone but industry? - you know, like EU citizens?

decline in party membership across EU - the dinosaurs are doomed, but don't realise it (v @jonworth @democraticaudit)

#TPP talks key to opening Japan - note mention of soya products, which are mostly GM; expect same for #TAFTA/#TTIP

Royalty Collection Agency SABAM Sues Belgian ISPs In Pursuit Of Its Fantasy 'Piracy License' - </facepalm> #be

Over 90% Of The Most Innovative Products From The Past Few Decades Were NOT Patented - important study #patents

#INDECT et la "discrimination algorithmique" - good way of putting it (v @manhack)#surveillance

Gaijin Entertainment Demands, Which Predates Them And Doesn't Infringe Their Trademark –

EU Seed Diversity – The Final Word - useful thoughts on latest changes to seed regulation (v @permagriculture)

U.S. Govt. Attack on Megaupload Bears Hallmarks of ‘Digital Gitmo’ - I like this man's way of thinking...

Diabetic High School Girl Beaten by Police Officer and Arrested -- For Falling Asleep in Class - makes my blood boil

El Buen Vivir and the #Commons - fascinating stuff

$10 gadget contains "the entire English Wikipedia with 3 million topics" - tomorrow, all human knowledge in your hand

Judge Wright Sentences Prenda To Poetic Justice - "Well played, Judge Wright. Well played." yup

#Crowdfunding a CC-licensed translation of classic #Yiddish book Poylishe Velder (In The Forests of Poland) -

Dutch Law Would Authorize Police To Hack Into Foreign Computers And Phones: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - #nl

Poisoning the Treaty for the #Blind - justly angry piece about callous selfishness of #MPAA and friends #copyright

"#WTO is destroying whatever shred of legitimacy it still had" - outrageous attack on clean energy programme

Content barons are the richest CEOs - "hard to be sympathetic to their constant whining about illegal copying"

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