Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130527 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Jaron Lanier: Sell your data to save the economy and your future - actually interesting for a change (v @Rchards)

Baby in China saved from sewer pipe - what a desperately sad story

Britain doesn’t need a #Snooping Act, or another new terrorism committee - excellent analysis (v @NO2ID @glynwintle)

CIMMYT: Bill Gates Invests $25 Million In Controversial GM Crop Center - easy: abolish gene patents (v @DrRimmer)

Will the EU-US trade deal encourage attacks on the public interest? - you bet; good to see this conference #TAFTA

Abstimmung über Vorratsdatenspeicherung von Reisedaten in zwei Wochen - contact your MEPs

Soybeanland Stands Up to #Monsanto - " “Mothers of Ituzaingó” fighting against spraying of pesticide #Roundup"

#Alibaba launches new project, backed by $16.3b funding, to improve goods delivery in #China - big getting bigger

El #TPP, nuevo acuerdo comercial, amenaza la libertad en Internet - getting the word out (v @carobotero)

#Mozilla teams up with Foxconn to debut a #Firefox OS #tablet? - that would be fun

Jailbreaking the PDF; a wonderful hackathon and a community leap forward for freedom - great work

First Video Broadcast From Mt. Everest Peak Outrages Tourist Ministry of Nepal - </sigh>

The Zombie Bill Is Back - let's hope not...# snooping

#BSA Study Demonstrates #OpenSource's Economic Advantage - some of you might find this rather entertaining... #piracy

NBC Universal and Warner Bros. have asked Google to de-list Mega from its search results - disproportionate as ever

Jailbreaking the PDF – 2; Technical aspects (Glyph processing) - interesting stuff

#BBC iPlayer will allow radio content to be downloaded for offline access from 2014 - more #DRM stupidity

The Politics of Security in a Democracy - wise and depressing

Toronto mayor: homicide detectives search mayor's office after tip on crack-smoking video; top staffers quit - #ca

PayPal Denies Teen Reward For Finding Bug - this reminds me why I hate #paypal

Fear Mongering Report Suggests 'IP Theft From China' One Of The Biggest Problems America Faces - great debunking

Do established economic models apply to data, and will they spread wealth, or is Jaron Lanier wrong? - good analysis

#Chile’s Recent Lead Negotiator on #TPP Warns It Could Be a “Threat to Our Countries” - & he should know

How crackers ransack passwords like “qeadzcwrsfxv1331” - fantastic piece - do read (v @manhack)#security

UK: Tories are floating plans to cap the number of times we are allowed to visit our GP - #epetition to stop it #NHS

Meat from endangered #whales used for dog treats in Japan - sickening; caught in #iceland

AllTrials campaign writes to every MEP on ENVI committee before the vote on the clinical trial regulation tomorrow -

Two die after H7N9 bird flu virus resists treatment - confirmation that #tamiflu is officially useless

Europe Continues To Allow Vegetable Patent Despite Being Told To Stop - #EPO goes rogue

Pirate Bay Founder Denies Hacking Charges in Court - the saga continues

How Technology Is and Isn't Helping Fight #Corruption in #India - fascinating perspective

#Kickstarter passes 100,000 launched projects, 44% funded successfully thanks to $535m in crowdsourcing - impressive

Why Are UK Police Allowing Entertainment Industry Employees To Arrest And Interrogate People With Their Help? - why?

Julius Genachowski: Exit Interview - "The outgoing FCC boss on net neutrality, political polarization, & free speech"

Woolwich attacks - MI5 refuses to back ‘snooper’s charter’ - if so, kudos to them (v @spyblog @glynwintle)

Lion Meat Tacos (You Read That Right) Are the Latest Threat to #Conservation - just sick (v @BoraZ)

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