Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130505 - http://bit.ly/16LmLfW yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

non-GM soya supply is increasing, not decreasing - http://bit.ly/15jIKLx why are UK supermarkets lying to us?

EU-Canada trade agreement threatens fracking bans - http://bit.ly/YzfMUO important: investor-state dispute resolution huge danger for EU

France wants defense off table in EU-US trade talks - http://bit.ly/ZAoQUC some v interesting comments from #france here #tafta/#ttip

At Least 8% of All Pirate Bay Traffic Now Provided By Proxy Services - http://bit.ly/11aD2Kz how not to kill a hydra

UK proposed digital download law - with enormous unrecognised #netneutrality implications! - http://bit.ly/11aDxEv well, fancy that

Epigenetics: Switching the power (and responsibility) from genes to us? - http://bit.ly/10dBqs3 thought-provoking analysis

US and EU see opening for free-trade pact - http://bit.ly/13Y7qV2 "European health and safety rules hamper." the Big Sell-Out? #TAFTA/#TTIP

European Commission drives disastrous concentration of power in #seed markets - http://bit.ly/13l1HJe so short-sighted (v @wine_journal)

Tobacco’s Shifting Burden: From the Rich to the Poor - http://bit.ly/10BAXzL time to expropriate the ill-gotten gains of #tobacco industry

TIME/CNN Poll Shows Increasing Number Of Americans Won't Give Up Civil Liberties To Fight Terrorism - http://bit.ly/ZArXw0 let's hope

Siebte re:publica startet in Berlin - http://bit.ly/ZAspKL more good stuff than ever  #rp13

Handless Kazakhstan Man Denied British Visa for Lack of Fingerprints - http://bit.ly/15prXq5 how callous & stupid can you get, UK?

Breakthrough in solar efficiency by UNSW team ahead of its time - http://bit.ly/10g06pE another reason to move off carbon (v @DrRimmer)

Schmidt: TV is so over - http://bit.ly/Ypsq6D "#YouTube has already overtaken linear #TV." (v @dml @infopolicy)

a cultural shift in computing with EDSAC - http://bit.ly/1062XzM "1st general purpose stored program computer in regular service" #uk

Bangladesh protests: at least 15 killed - http://bit.ly/Yptac0 I love how religious fanatics want yet more hate and pain in world...

EU Regulation "On production and making available on the market of plant reproductive material" [pdf] - http://bit.ly/11NEBsV new version

"On the production and making available on the market of plant reproductive material" - http://bit.ly/11b8Ajz home page for new regulation

The Dirt on Oil Sands - http://bit.ly/10gqYpg "if concerned about carbon emissions, we should really get off oil altogether." (v @BoraZ)

Time to talk business in EU-US trade talks - http://bit.ly/10BUD6F but will EU be forced to sacrifice health, eco & labour laws? #TAFTA

#Xinjiang's Dabacheng wind farm just south east of Urumqi is the world's 8th largest wind farm - http://on.fb.me/127Tfgd who knew?

The Most Dangerous Windows Infection of All - http://bit.ly/15qDYLW is not the one you might think... #microsoft

Tactus And Synaptics Create A Reference Tablet For OEMs With An Amazing, Disappearing Keyboard - http://tcrn.ch/18MZmrl intriguing #android

What to expect at the WTPF - http://bit.ly/106qLmZ excellent summary of what's coming at 2013 World Telecommunication/ICT Policy Forum

The Fight Over #DRM In #HTML5 Should Represent The Last Stand For DRM - http://bit.ly/16MYdmI yup /cc @timberners_lee

Bestätigt: Deutsche Behörden haben Staatstrojaner #FinFisher für 150.000 Euro gekauft - http://bit.ly/ZAYoKw bad show, #Germany, bad show

Canadian mining company got embassy help amid controversy in Mexico - http://bit.ly/ZAZaqX now add in investor-state dispute resolution

Kenyan Mau Mau victims in talks with UK government over legal settlement - http://bit.ly/18pxUCt shameful this hasn't been done yet #ke

To Fight Pandemics, Reward Research - http://nyti.ms/17HU55r good to see more people proposing prizes here (v @ipwatch)

New row flares over EU's register for #lobbyists - http://bit.ly/15rpBXZ without mandatory registration, it's just fake #transparency

update on EU seeds regulation - http://bit.ly/106SDHy looks like some improvements have been made; more as I find out #saveseed

OpenTech 2013 - http://bit.ly/ZLzj32 "different approaches to technology, experience & democracy" (v @MLBrook @marxculture)#london

Health minister threatened with ejection from royal college - http://bit.ly/10CxKQy that's heavy (but right) (v @marcuschown @NHAparty)#uk

New Zealand Wants New Spying Powers To Legalize Illegal Spying On Kim Dotcom And Others - http://bit.ly/16Ogxfg pretty shoddy #nz

#Microsoft's Gates: #iPad Users Really Just Want a Surface - http://dthin.gs/15l2YVg yeah, right... #delusional

How to Spread The Word About Your Code - http://mzl.la/17IfviW sensible advice from #mozilla hackers

EU: Motorola’s patent attack on Apple was “abuse of a dominant position” - http://ars.to/15sEF7r #FRAND is meaningless: time to bin it

WIPO treaty for blind "dangerous precedent for other areas of IP Law" - http://bit.ly/ZBSokI maximalists want to kick blind a little more

EU-Verordnung: Kampf um die Saat - http://bit.ly/10kbhc5 "das Gerangel um die EU-Saatgutverordnung gerade erst so richtig begonnen" you bet

Angst vor der Einheitssaat - http://bit.ly/11OCTHR "Der Rat der EU und das Europaparlament müssen die Pläne noch billigen." #saveseed

Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention Chief Arrested for Sexual Assault - http://bit.ly/13ZlPk7 well, there's your problem...

Copyright Provisions in the #TPP Would Stifle Innovation and Impede the Economy - http://bit.ly/10eLSj2 excellent, accessible summary

The truth about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Part 1 - http://bit.ly/16OUd5h pretty ugly it is, too... #lobbying

"Una parte de los votantes del Partido Pirata nos vota como reacción contra un sistema injusto" – http://bit.ly/18qfFgj

#Chile Says It Does Not Recognize The Legitimacy Of The USTR's Special 301 Report - http://bit.ly/128X3Ok others pl. follow great example

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