Saturday, 11 May 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130509 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Aufruf zum Thema Filesharing/ Störerhaftung! - help requested

#W3C takes next step with controversial #DRM proposal, Defective by Design condemns decision - #HTML5

Linguistik: Wie Bantu Afrika eroberte - fascinating #linguistics #africa

New Guide on Access to EU Documents - remember: if you don't exercise your right to know, it atrophies #transparency

Can eu citizens afford their medicines? The economic crisis and access to medicines in europe - 16 May #brussels

Sayat Nova Project - if you love #caucasian folk music - & let's face it, who doesn't? - these recordings are for you

Pirate Bay Takes Over Distribution of Censored 3D Printable Gun - provocative much?

KEI Comments on US/EU Trade negotiations (#TTIP) - lots of good points why it's bad #TAFTA

Tell Members of Congress to Protect Access to Lifesaving Medicines - #TPP will kill in its current form

New powers to enable the UK to implement the Unitary Patent Court Agreement - in new Bill (v @OpenRightsGroup)

How Investor-State Dispute Resolution Threatens Access To Medicines, And Much Else - serious #TAFTA/#TTIP #TPP provides the Maryland Code of Public Laws on one friendly website. No #copyright restrictions, a modern API #opendata

Published Guides to #OpenData Licensing - useful stuff

The Compass of #transparency: an Italian instrument for Open government - good to see #opendata

#TAFTA/#TTIP: "potentially requiring EU countries to overcome aversion to importing US genetically modified crops" -

Copyright and Secrecy Don’t Make for Good Trade Agreements - to put it mildly #TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

USians: Request for Comments Concerning Proposed #TAFTA/#TTIPt *closes today* - pl. respond, even if minimally

Hollywood lobbying threatens deal 4 accessible books - cos #copyright so much more important than helping the #blind

Investor – state dispute settlement not compatible with EU Treaties - important analysis: why this must go

Cops Beat Woman For Filming Another Beating - staggering if true; shows why videos need to be uploaded live...

Ponader-Nachfolge: Piraten wählen 26-jährige Datenschutzexpertin - good luck to her - she'll need it

DRM in HTML5 is a victory for the open Web, not a defeat - totally misses point: W3C is legitimising DRM

NHS 111 non-emergency helpline in #chaos, say doctors - welcome to your new, privatised #NHS people...

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