Thursday, 23 May 2013


How Low Can #Drones Go? - your views?

CSS Tube map - oooh, that's clever

Australia Makes Asian Language Learning a Priority - very wise

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Proposal to Ban Special 301 Adjudication - interesting; can't see it happening

EU Vote on Clinical Trials Data - Please Contact MEPs Now - important, pl. do this if you can #opendata

Chevron calls for strong investor rights chapter in US-EU trade deal - wow, read this, and be afraid #tafta/#ttip

Reporters Find Exposed Personal Data Via Google, Threatened With CFAA Charges - absurd

Patent troll that wants $1,000 per worker gets sued by Vermont A-G - sounds fair

Why Italy Needs a Proper Freedom of Information Law - indispensable

Scientists from Brazil's GMO regulatory agency protest dismissal of Seralini study - interesting

Chronology of the Canadian Conservative government's war on science - chronicle of shame #canada

In China, controversy over bear bile farming as Asia's animal rights movement grows - at last: appalling suffering

NZNO – Public Health Will Be A Major Loser Under the TPPA - and how #pharmac #nz

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