Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130514 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Interesting Move: Peter Sunde, Of The Pirate Bay & Flattr To Run For EU Parliament - in #finland

Patent wars: has India taken on Big Pharma and won? - EU should do the same #prizes

#Ebooks made up 20% of the U.S. consumer book industry in 2012, up from 15% in 2011 - rapid shift

Introducing New Column from #Arduino’s Massimo Banzi - great stuff

Einstein's Planet: New Alien World Revealed by Relativity - clever

"#tobacco industry employs over 100 full-time lobbyists in Brussels" - every one of whom is complicit in killing #EU

#myriad's breast cancer gene test now costs $4000 - many people will die because of this outrageous patent #brca

#Austerity = insanity - "Madness on stilts." end it now.

"right of farmers & ranchers to engage in modern farming & ranching practices shall be forever guaranteed" - insane

The future of #opendata in the UK: what we hope the Shakespeare review says - here's hoping

#Copyright Holders Will Define Details Of UK's #OrphanWorks Bill, But Not The Public - gosh, what a surprise

Monsanto and other GM firms are winning - missing fact: it is now hard to buy non-GM seeds in many markets #monopoly

#FRAND Is Broken: Time To Bin It - how much proof do we need? #RF

Meet the Woman Behind Pakistan’s First Hackathon - hopeful sign  #pk

El #TPP Amenaza La Libertad En Internet - oh yes (v @calu @beabusaniche)

Critic Of Chinese #Censorship Censored: Microblog With 1.1 Million Followers Deleted - I think some might notice

EU ministers agree on overhaul of fishing rules - but that's not necessarily as good as it sounds...

Chinese internet: 'a new censorship campaign has commenced' - well-written & powerful piece #Murong

How Drug Companies Keep Medicine Out of Reach - superb piece on @jamie_love, prizes & US playing dirty (v @wilbanks)

Allow TRIPS waiver for LDCs until they are developed - logical

Location, location, location - why #OpenStreetMap will take #opensource to the next level

Could the AP Scandal Happen In Britain? - well, course: it's actually far worse here

The technology that links taxonomy and Star Trek - nice piece on DNA barcoding

#FRAND Is Broken: Time To Bin It [Updated] - how much proof do we need? #RF

What's At Stake in CLS Bank—Do Software Patents Hold Up Sky? - http:// at last: #EFF contemplates #swpat abolition

Secretive #TPP Talks Re-Commence in Lima, Peru: They Can Shut Us Out, But They Can’t Shut Us Up - yay #transparency

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