Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130520 - http://bit.ly/118cRwN yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

'Intellectual Property' Mess Holding Up The #TPP - http://bit.ly/12IxHXV and how

Pesticide firms compete to showcase bee-protection programmes -http://bit.ly/10Jl0I9 expect a crescendo of #FUD from #monsanto et al.

Nicht ACTA, aber genau so wichtig: Entscheidung über EU-Datenschutzreform fällt jetzt - http://bit.ly/10iebBM why are MEPs selling out?

At chicken plants, chemicals blamed for health ailments are poised to proliferate -http://bit.ly/190ExeF #TAFTA will bring this stuff 2 EU

Top A&E doctors warn: 'We cannot guarantee safe care for patients anymore' -http://ind.pn/14M49IV #NHS collapse continues

EU may consider 'hack-back' legislation - http://bit.ly/10Jm7ru idiotic idea (v @kyrah)

Report From Outside the #TPP Negotiating Venue in Lima, Peru -http://bit.ly/12IzE6O useful update from the scene of the crime

Joint Letter to the 66th World Health Assembly: Follow-up of the report of CEWG -http://bit.ly/10L6JyU not that they'll take any notice

The "Biggest, Most Destructive Tornado in History" - http://bit.ly/16LlkP9 just as climate scientists predicted would happen, & will happen

Slash education budget by a fifth, says think-tank - http://bit.ly/18emq3L others boost education, UK's swivel-eyed loons want to cut it

Reading Shakespeare: the Next Act of Open Data - http://bit.ly/Za2kHj what next?#opendata everywhere

Why Even Good Hospitals And Doctors Are An Obstacle To Better, Cheaper#Healthcare - http://bit.ly/17XWoE7 perverse incentives

Git for Data Publishing - http://bit.ly/10REBH5 great idea #opendata

Europe cannot drill its way to a low-carbon economy, say climate justice groups -http://bit.ly/13HMALb no easy solutions here

Berlusconi party proposes slashing penalty for a mafia crime - http://bit.ly/10iIybfnow, why might it want to do that..? (v @LifeinSicily)

Duffy, the Government and the problem with “no-notes” meetings - http://bit.ly/118JKcH more shabby behaviour by #canadian government

Plagiarism: Do we need a law? - http://bit.ly/10iJso9 nope: "the punishment for plagiarism is severe."

Surveillance and the Internet of Things - http://bit.ly/10LN0ir "In the longer term, the Internet of Things means ubiquitous surveillance."

"Precaution in EU has become a pretext for import protectionism under pretense of consumer safety" - http://bit.ly/13EwVZu #TAFTA/#TTIP

Happy 9th Birthday to the Open Knowledge Foundation! - http://bit.ly/1919dfU how time flies when you're having fun #okf

Police Raid School Teacher for Uploading History Book for Students -http://bit.ly/16LJBo7 absurd over-reaction

Data Expedition: Mapping the garment factories - http://bit.ly/YWvd7L great idea

Saving #India’s Musical Heritage, One Record at a Time - http://bit.ly/10RLjNj fab project #music

ePetition für gesetzliche Festschreibung der Netzneutralität - http://bit.ly/10LPJbBworth trying #netneutrality

Hollywood should not decide our #copyright laws - http://wapo.st/10K6XSNindeedy 

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