Friday, 30 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150128 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#TPP Trade Deal Will Be Devastating for Access to Affordable Medicines - but all Big Pharma cares about is profits

How Anti-TTIP Groups Dominate German Online Media and Set the Tone for #TTIP Opinion - keep tweeting, people...

"#TPP agenda is being driven by big business, big pharmaceuticals & big tobacco" - Action for Australia fights back

European Commission Wants Collection And Retention Of Passenger Data For Everyone Flying In And Out Of Europe - #PNR

EU data czar seeks global voice amidst tension with US - forza Butarelli (v @TTIPBeware)#TTIP #dataprotection

"Handelsabkommen ohne Klageprivilegien für Konzerne sind möglich und nötig." - (v @peter_simone)#TTIP #ISDS

Reducing the duration of copyright in certain unpublished works - good UK proposal blocked by #copyright lobby

Public tells EU to scrap investor protection from trade deal - @EU_Commission puts fingers in ears #ISDS

Music Group Threatens Popcorn Time’s Blog Platform - ridiculous move

Calling TPP a 'Death Pact,' Health Advocates Rally Outside Secretive Trade Talks - well said: #TPP is a death pact

Max Schrems zur Datenschutzreform: Deutschland arbeitet in der EU gegen den Datenschutz -

You Don't Own What You Bought: Drone Maker Updates Firmware On All Drones To Stop Any Flights In DC - chilling move

Πώς θα επηρεάσει τους καταναλωτές η συμφωνία ΕΕ - ΗΠΑ για το εμπόριο - "εγκυμονεί πολλούς κινδύνους" #TTIP

Feds Gagged Google Over Wikileaks Warrants Because They Were 'Upset By The Backlash' To Similar Twitter Warrants -

"idea #TTIP negotiations need more industry expertise is ludicrous" - chemical industry more important than public?

AllSeen Alliance changes its IP stance after Iotivity launch - be crazy not to #IoT

Israeli city to pay women damages because of ‘modesty signs’ - what is "slutty clothing worn in a religious style"?

England’s biggest hospitals veto #NHS budget over patient safety fears - wow, extraordinary #GE2015

‘Regulatory Cooperation’ and the #TTIP: Opening the Floodgates Even Further For Corporate Plunder - (v @PCGTW)

Police urge TV stations to scale back live coverage of any London terrorist siege - just scale back all coverage

File on Mark Duggan police shooting lost in the post - yeah, right, because email doesn't exist yet...

Copyright Law Is Eating Away At Our Cultural History: And It's Time To Fix That - #copyright *destroys* culture

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