Thursday, 29 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150127 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#TPP Issue-by-Issue Information Center - the US government's cant & half-truths here are sickening

EU counter-terror plan involves blanket collection of passengers’ data - without a scrap of evidence it's needed

Follow your convictions – this could be the end of the politics of fear - "neoliberal consensus is collapsing"

Asio has never destroyed any web or phone data collected on Australians - got that #AU? ready to be used against you

Calls for ISPs to filter content could be illegal, EU council documents suggest - so don't do it

#iPhone 6: 85% of the estimated 95 kg of CO2 emitted during its entire lifecycle occurs at the manufacturing stage -

Israeli rights group questions legality of targeting Gaza homes in war - kudos to them refuseniks will be DENIED CANCER SCREENING invites - callous & shameful blackmail (v @superglaze)

#TTIP: Regulations Handcuffed - hugely important leak about #TTIP's core assault on democracy; worse than #ISDS

#TTIP Update XLIX - 2 important leaks show how transatlantic regulatory bodies will undermine EU/national sovereignty

 The Guardian completes its relaunch with global release of redesigned site - and it's really horrible...

in fact, new @guardian design looks like something from GeoCities...

NHS renationalisation: "As under UK law, in such cases, compensation would be required" - is why we don't need #ISDS

"a majority in European Parliament also opposes the [#TTIP] agreement" - good piece: understands key issues on #ISDS

Whose Side is the European Union On? - great, wide-ranging analysis of implications of #ISDS consultation & #TTIP

"Dem Report zufolge würde die Streichung von #ISDS Gegenreaktionen provozieren" - IOW,@EU_Commission lacks spine

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