Thursday, 1 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141230 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Tell Yahoo! #Japan to Stop Selling #Whale Meat! - shame on @yahoo: does @marissamayer approve of this?

Pastebin, Dailymotion, Github blocked in #India after DoT order - anyone know what this is about? (v @sunil_abraham)

Latest Trade Agreements Are About The Opposite Of Free Trade: Protectionism For Big Business - key point #TTIP #TPP

Chinese man jailed for 13 years for eating tigers and making wine from their blood - good to see #china acting here

Will #Patents Ruin The Most Important Biotech Discovery In Recent Years? - that's a rhetorical question, BTW #CRISPR

"El Tratado de Libre Comercio con EEUU puede llevar a los países a perder su soberanía" - (v @corporateeurope)#TTIP

Why #Syriza is good news for #Greece and Europe - should be fun to watch this; also, opposes #TTIP (v @michaelgraaf)

BMA sues whistleblower surgeon - #whistleblowers urgently need more protection (v @tonyrcollins)

London New Year’s Eve fireworks made ticket-only for first time - the privatisation of the public continues apace

#Deregulation – the UK Bill and the Titanic #TTIP - great post on hugely important area, still overlooked by most

Bloke Throws 17 Perfect Darts In A Row - I'm not into this darts stuff, but certainly an impressive display of skill

"#TTIP is the making of a new transatlantic relationship." - yes, indeed, a feudal one of lord (US) and vassal (EU)

Boycott ‘Which?’ to stop the TTIP Agreement - why is @WhichUK so clueless about dangers of #TTIP for consumers?

Blair denies report saying Ed Miliband can’t win 2015 election - he's not doubting, just stabbing him in the back

How Copyright Makes Culture Disappear - when will people grasp that #copyright is antithetical to culture?

Blowing Whistle on Government Recklessness Is Public Service, Not a Crime - help former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling

#RMS: "Why you should not use #Uber (the car ride brokering company)" - well, look at that... (v @mjasay)

Polish farmers threaten uprising over opencast coalmine - "22 villages could be destroyed" (v @StollmeyerEU)#lignite

Palestinian president signs up 2 join international criminal court -  "will anger Israel & US": what did they expect?

.@techdirt: Our Reply To A Totally Bogus Monkey Selfie Cease & Desist - this is a spectactular takedown: do not miss

The Coming Decline of 'Made In #China' - yup; one way to reduce pollution in China

Our Richard Stallman Interviews in 2012-2014 - historically important archive #RMS

Hollywood Narrow-Mindedly Sees Google Fiber As A Threat, Not A World Of New Opportunities - well, it would...

5100+ signatures for #open formats in the French educational system - great idea: we should all do this

The Afghan shambles, and what it means - most people knew this would happen; and yet still they went on #UK

[updated] Indian Gov. Orders 32 Web Sites Blocked: GitHub, Archive.Org, Pastebin, DailyMotion & Vimeo -

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