Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150112 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Regulating Synthetic Biology: Does Freedom Of Speech Apply 2 DNA Letters? - when hacking DNA code, does anything go?

Could Cameron Be So Stupid as to Undermine #Encryption? - destroying liberty, online safety, & UK tech startup scene

Say “no” to hormone disrupting chemicals - #EU

Cameron’s plan to ban end-to-end #encryption is catastrophic for Internet freedom - #china will love it

LIVE EP Press conference - "Trade in Services Agreement (#TISA)- what's at stake for Europe?" - 14:00 local time

@EU_Commission will release today its analysis on the online consultation on #ISDS in #TTIP - sharpen your pencils...

@EU_Commission has released its analysis on the online consultation on #ISDS in #TTIP - sharpen your pencils...

Report presented today: Consultation on investment protection in #TTIP - " huge scepticism against #ISDS

Question and Answers on the results of the public consultation on #ISDS in #TTIP -

EU condemned for ‘corporate courts’ in EU-US deal - #ISDS "identified as a direct threat to democracy" #TTIP

David Cameron in 'cloud cuckoo land' over encrypted messaging apps ban - that's putting it kindly

The mystery of the missing hen harriers - these gamekeepers are vicious, ignorant scum: time to ban grouse shooting

"commission now has to withdraw the #ISDS chapters of the draft agreements with Singapore and Canada" -,-ISDS.html #TTIP #CETA

Hollywood Privately Acknowledges Six Strikes Program Isn't Doing Much, Guaranteeing It Will Get Much Worse -

EU Commission deaf to opposition to investor privileges - " total disregard for the voices of people" #ISDS #TTIP

Heed citizens’ calls to drop investor protection from #TTIP, say Commission advisors - but they won't... #ISDS

.@MalmstromEU talks about need to consider existing #ISDS chapters: but these are irrelevant: don't try to use #TTIP to solve old problems

.@MalmstromEU "#ISDS is a very toxic subject" - well, glad she got that aspect...

think Greens should be included in #GE2015 debates? fill in this -

"ISDS cannot make a country change its policy" - just not true: #NAFTA's ISDS made Canada drop laws & repeal them

here's how #ISDS forced Canada to drop an environmental & health law on petrol additives - & pay a fine, & grovel

"Europe needs investment now, more than ever" - already has huge amounts - €1.5 trillion from US; #ISDS unnecessary

Did David Cameron Just Say He Wants To Undermine All #Encryption In The UK? - worrying, but more details needed

#TTIP – A good deal? - "significant gains to specific firms, on back of public interest"; "extraordinarily bad deal"

#TTIP growth: "<0.05% additional growth per year." - "positive GDP effects on the order of a rounding error"

Europeans don’t want #ISDS in trade agreements - massive consultation take-up makes that v clear #TTIP #CETA

Zhou Youguang, 109 and going strong - sounds an amazing bloke

See marvelously detailed images of the body taken by new CT scanner - wow; want

Unions intensifying attacks on new emerging free-trade pact - that's #TPP in case you were wondering

Poll reveals scale of Tories’ #NHS problem - "50% say Labour has best approach to health service" #GE2015

Commission consultation on #ISDS in #TTIP makes a mockery of democracy - "aimed at selling its pro-industry agenda"

Cameron highlights military role in UK readiness for Paris-style attack - so, Martial Law next? #TippingHisHand

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