Sunday, 18 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150116 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

#Guantánamo Diary: ‘They made me drink salt water. The chains stopped circulation to hands & feet’ - nice work, US

EU is gearing up for #TISA - all about one-way privisation - even has a mechanism called "the ratchet"

Sao Paulo's water supply in 'critical' condition as drought bites - stopping Amazon deforestation might be good idea

The encryption ban makes us look like the Thick Party - good to see intelligent Tories speaking up (v @IanBrownOII)

colaboración internacional en redacción del Proyecto de Ley de Acceso Abierto y Difusión Libre del Conocimiento - #ve

Chromebooks spank Windows - "This is so not what [Microsoft] had hoped for"

wow: @TheEconomist doesn't understand govs have more info about criminals than before, falls 4 "going dark" trick -

I thought @TheEconomist was too intelligent to fall for obvious rhetorical misdirection around "going dark"; disappointing

Illegal gold mining is destroying South American rainforests - destructive greed for a stupid lump of metal

Dallas Safari Club follows controversial rhino hunt with bids to shoot elephant - these people are sick...

 "Wir haben es satt" - "gegen Gentechnik, Massentierhaltung und das geplante Freihandelsabkommen #TTIP"

MPAA Wants to Censor OpenCulture’s Public Domain Movies - #MPAA is anti-culture

Nurses at breaking point as number off work with stress soars - "jobs having been cut and resources frozen" #NHS

Bid to appoint Andrew Lansley as UN relief head angers aid organisations - shameless after undermining #NHS

UK #fracking: "Because we had the earthquake, we decided to abandon that well” - oh, that's OK, then...

"accuse MoD of spending so much on [#Trident] that the next government will find it impossible to abandon" - #shabby

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