Monday, 12 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150110 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Scientists say they’ll soon extend life ‘well beyond 120’ - interesting work, difficult social implications

nobody calls for the government to make roads 100% safe, and yet many expect every attack by extremists to be stopped

attacks will always happen, just as people will always die on the roads: regrettable, but inevitable in a free, mobile society

Miliband rejects calls for revival of snooper’s charter after Paris attacks - that's welcome: will he stick to it?

Greek PM Samaras forced into U-turn as Syriza closes in on election victory - situation very interesting here

World's First Cloning Factory in #China Clones 500 Pigs a Year - #BGI, of course...

Kozlovskis: fighting terrorism requires immediate action - *no* - exactly wrong: it needs careful reflection #EU

excellent, in-depth analysis of new EU #TTIP dox shows how little has been achieved so far - time is running out...

"To suggest that existence of an EU PNR Directive could have done anything to prevent this attack is distasteful" -

#Alibaba's first film: Wong Kar-Wai to produce; Tony Leung to star - pretty significant, potentially #china

Greek PM offers to ease austerity to head off #Syriza challenge - the panic here is palpable... #gr #desperate

Stanford professors urge withdrawal from fossil fuel investments - great move; huge if it happens (v @DrRimmer)

EU response to free speech killings? More internet censorship - an insult to the memory of the victims

GCHQ say rifling through data doesn't matter because they don't keep innocents' stuff; rifling our homes OK too if they don't take anything?

Cameron: ‘snoopers charter’ will re-appear after Tory election win - well, thanks for making things easy, David

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