Sunday, 11 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150109 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

EU pushing for new anti-terror powers to monitor air travel - unnecessary: killers in Paris & elsewhere were known

every time we dignify criminal attacks with name "terrorism" we make both the label and the acts more attractive to those seeking impact

every time we allow ourselves to be "terrorised" - by governments and the media - we guarantee there will be more attempts to generate fear

we need to return to the spirit that was shown after the London bombings: "We're Not Afraid" -

Authors Guild Gives Up Trying To Sue Libraries For Digitally Scanning Book Collection - about time

Argument ExxonMobil Uses 2 Fight Back Against Climate Activists - good summary & debunking of Great Fossil Energy Lie

Paris damages the case for mass surveillance - hugely important point, needs emphasising (v @StevePeers @superglaze)

Osborne said: "Whatever the security services want, they will get." - no: they should get what they need, not want

TTIP Update XLVII - some #transparency for #TTIP at last: shows that public advocacy does work - so let's do more

Lockheed Martin Introduces Open Source Software Platform for Simpler Real-Time Analytics Processing and Analysis -

#Slovenia’s Ministry of Economy on #TTIP's effects: GDP down by 0.03%, 1,500 jobs lost - = zero real benefits #si

Fratelli (e Sorelle) d'Italia: Firmate questo - (l'Italia ha 15% del numero necessario - un po' vergognoso...) #TTIP

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