Thursday, 15 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150113 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Public opposition to controversial #ISDS cannot be ignored - "a total lack of respect for the public & civil society"

The #TTIP trade deal will throw equality before the law on the corporate bonfire - well put #ISDS

map of 75,000 cos. that could sue governments using #ISDS in #TTIP - why 1400 existing ISDS chapters irrelevant

Bürgerbefragung zu #TTIP: 97 Prozent dagegen - & that's a fact that can't be denied (v @MiKellner @JanAlbrecht)#ISDS

Please Write to Your MP to Ask for Parliamentary Scrutiny of #TTIP - there's a UK vote tomorrow - let's use it

Schiedsgerichte rücken in weite Ferne -!152784/ "Eine Anhörung dazu hatte vernichtende Ergebnisse" (v @olivierhoedeman)#ISDS

The EU's giant and secretive deregulation blitz - excellent review of UK's #Deregulation Bill & EU's REFIT + #TTIP

#TTIP Update XLVIII - The people have spoken: #ISDS must go - no ifs, buts or maybes. Here are the reasons why

Theresa May's opportunistic call for more surveillance powers - all the usual stuff: "people will die otherwise..."

"Every day without [Snooper's Charter], capabilities of the people who keep us safe diminishes" - no: every day, more data = more abilities

President Obama's Plan For 'Securing Cyberspace' Has A Lot Of Problems - "massive missed opportunity"

Global #Divestment Day on February 13 and 14 - appropriate day for showing some love to our poor old ecosystem...

Cameron's "comments had been over-interpreted & did not mean that they would ban #encryption" - but still not clear

German Environment Ministry seeks unconditional GMO ban - but how would that square with #TTIP?

I am Michael Eisen, co-founded the Public Library of Science, publisher of #openaccess journals, eg PLOS ONE. AMA! -

Judge Not Too Concerned 68-Year-Old Woman's House Was Raided Because Someone Used Her Open WiFi To Post A Threat -

UK can become world’s richest major economy, says Osborne - *on average*, he means: with desperately poor underclass

DECODED: How Companies Sue Countries (and what it means for environmental laws) - good intro to world of #ISDS

Is the MPAA even pro-Hollywood any more? - hasn't been for ages...

Canada has been the target of over 70% of all NAFTA's #ISDS claims since 2005 - EU take note of what happens #TTIP

USTR Still Insists That 'Listening' Is '#Transparency' Even As It Keeps Details Completely Secret -

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