Saturday, 10 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150108 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Europe Releases its #TTIP Proposals on Intellectual Property - not many details yet...more needed

Circle in talks to exit private contract to run hospital - because #NHS #privatisation is all about cherry-picking

This Is the Unofficial Brothel of CES - and remarkably tech-savvy it is too...

"@EU_Commission ignored scientific advice, & crumbled in the face of lobbying by Canada, US and oil majors" - #FQD

#China's patent targets for 2020: what do they say about China and the rest of us? - that it will sue us senseless

EU lawmaker warns of data protection rules delay till 2016 - this is not good

UK Parliament's Environmental Audit Committee inquiry on "potential environmental impacts of #TTIP" - get scribbling

Spanish Judge Says Use Of 'Extreme Security Measures' For Email Is Evidence Of Terrorism - Madrid, we have a problem

The Hinchingbrooke fiasco shows #privatisation is no answer to #NHS woes - time to reverse insane privatisation plans

#NHS staff ‘unsocial hours’ payments under threat - another blatant constructive dismissal plan to weaken service

EU legal advisers cast doubt on data retention legality - to put it mildly #surveillance #DRIPA

When Entertainment Industry Takes Down Linking Sites, It Makes It Harder To Take Down Actual Infringing Content -

"Circle aimed to make profits, even if it meant GPs sitting on losses" - #NHS #privatisation will never work

Leaders of five main UK parties invited to take part in general election debate - excellent: TV can get lost

MPs to investigate #TTIP's impact on environmental protections - "fears it could weaken rules to protect food"

Care Quality Commission publishes scathing report revealing catalogue of serious failings at privately run hospital -

"You are not going to make money out of an A&E or an obstetrics unit, and nor should you” - patients not profits...

"You are not going to make money out of an A&E or an obstetrics unit, and nor should you” - patients not profits...

Access Protests Targeting of Users in Spain - as it should #crypto

Keeping his language alive on the #Kyrgyz Wikipedia: Chorobek Saadanbekov - good to see #turkic

Argument ExxonMobil Uses to Fight Back Against Climate Activists - good summary & debunking of Great Fossil Fuel Lie

#CharlieHebdo: No to Securitarian Instrumentalisation - which has already begun

Nigeria: 2,000 feared killed in Boko Haram's 'deadliest massacre' - staggering if confirmed

Agent Orange a risk for US personnel working on planes after Vietnam war - just part of #monsanto's wonderful legacy

When We Call Criminal Acts 'Terrorism' We Destroy Our Rights And Sacrifice Our Principles - hugely important point

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