Friday, 9 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150107 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

#TTIP threatens to lower standards of protection from toxic #pesticides - this is how they'll do it (v @Bwassertisch)

Toyota Joins Tesla In Freeing A Bunch Of Key Patents - because patents get in the way of innovation and profits

Is investor-to-state dispute settlement compatible with the eu treaties? - here's why maybe it isn't #ISDS #TTIP

Stop the killing of badger cubs in the UK - cruel & quite unnecessary; driven by government dogma

European Commission Announces Major #ransparency Initiative For TAFTA/#TTIP - good, but more needed: keep asking

EU exit would be disaster for UK farmers, says Scottish minister - would be disastrous for everyone... #brexit

Cameron accuses Miliband of seeking to ‘weaponise’ the #NHS during election - better than seeking to privatise it..

Maryland Council Member Kirby Delauter Admits He Was Wrong To Threaten To Sue Newspaper For Using His Name -

Surviving a night in A&E: a doctor’s story - illuminating: well-worth reading. drunkenness clearly a big issue

Is democracy a trade barrier? - brilliant analysis & 5-word encapsulation of the problem with #TTIP (v @loraenvt)

EU Legal Study: All EU #DataRetention Laws May be Dodgy - expect a flood of challenges - including to #DRIPA

Democrats Step Up Efforts to Block Obama’s Trade Agenda - "1 of the broadest advocacy coalitions that we’ve had" #TPP

U.S. free trade critics, supporters kick off battle for public opinion - this time it's serious #TPP #TTIP

Government rejects call for emergency summit to tackle A&E crisis - crisis? what crisis? #NHS

Report: transatlantic trade agreement could increase toxic pesticide use - good to see this in @guardian #TTIP

For 10 Years Everyone's Been Using 'The Streisand Effect' Without Paying; Now I'm Going To Start Issuing Takedowns -

"For first time in its 20-year history,@EUombudsman was denied its right to inspect an EU institution document" -

Americans agree on trade: Good for country, but not great for jobs - some odd figures here (v @sdonnan)#TPP #TTIP

MI5 chief seeks new powers after Paris magazine attack - this man is a shameless opportunist #surveillance

MI5 chief: "I don’t want a situation where that #privacy is so absolute and sacrosanct " - it isn't, it is already degraded beyond belief

Consumers Deserve Protection Against the Scourge of #DRM—Will the UN Help? - this is interesting move by @EFF

Clapper Claims That Sony Hack 'The Most Serious Cyberattack On The US Yet'; Which Suggests No Serious Cyberattacks -

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