Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150119 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Farage: NHS might have to be replaced by private health insurance - so: vote for #UKIP, & you vote against #NHS

.@MalmstromEU on #TTIP: "wir sind nicht soweit, als dass wir die Verhandlungen in diesem Jahr abschließen könnten" -

No clear majority yet for #TTIP, says EU health chief - "final wording would remain confidential" until end

Doxing victim Zoe Quinn launches online “anti-harassment task force” - interesting move

Troubled TTIP isn't the only 'trade' takeover busting our sovereignty -'t-only-'trade'-takeover-busting-our-sovereignty how #TTIP, #ISDS, #CETA & #TISA fit together

"There has to be some form of ability to cover comms made through modern tech” - sure, some, not all: they have it

And Of Course DEA Had Its Own Database Of Metadata On All Calls From Inside The US To Certain Foreign Countries -

Ex-MI6 chief: "We cannot stop terrorism unless we spy on innocent people" - this is rubbish, born of laziness

"no-go areas" meme is a con: people always leave traces on the Net: you don't need every breadcrumb to find them -

Labour lead falls as Greens hit 20-year high in Guardian/ICM poll - #GE2015 is getting very interesting...

RT @EUKommWien „Österreich war beim Abschluss des #CETA dabei.“ >>so if people realise they made a mistake, they just have to lump it? #ISDS

arbitration decisions in 2014 increase US’s future exposure to #ISDS litigation & liability - important analysis

FWIW: I will soon have a regular spare slot in my freelance writing schedule.  If interested in commissioning, see -

#Chilcot report on #Iraq war delayed until after general election - probably just a coincidence

The UK vision for the EU's digital economy - "We must also reject #copyright levies in all forms." (v @williamheath)

Our ‘impartial’ broadcasters have become mouthpieces of the elite - BBC worst in this respect; staggering decline

Climate scientists rebuff skeptics' arguments agaisnt 2014 'warmest year' claim - #denialists fail maths again

Wegen Snowden: EU-Beauftragter will IT-Anbieter zu Hintertüren für verschlüsselte Kommunikation verpflichten - fool

Failed MPAA / Xunlei Anti-Piracy Deal is Shocking - I wonder why #xunlei accepted this bad deal...

Court Soundly Rejects Watchmaker's Attempt To Abuse Copyright Law To Stop Sale Of Its Watches At Costco -

Failure of the #EPO Can Derail the Trojan Horse of Software Patents and Patent Trolls - hugely important issue here

Commission fears Greece is 'deceiving' itself - blatant interference in internal matters

We’re fed up! 50,000 in Berlin say No to #TTIP - just the start; much more to come

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