Thursday, 8 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150106 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Put aside ideology when it comes to #TTIP - sorry, even 0.075% extra GDP/yr not worth sacrificing EU culture & norms

re that #Portugal modelling of #TTIP, totally naive to think even 0.075% extra GDP/yr will be fairly distributed 2 public: never has in past

How 'Gongkai' Innovation Could Allow China To Leapfrog The West - much bigger boost than #TTIP /cc @MarietjeSchaake

.@EUombudsman:"Further steps to increase #TTIP transparency necessary" - "US resistance" not in itself sufficient

#China encourages environmental groups to sue polluters - potentially big

Xiaomi’s Ambition - best analysis of @xiaomi that I've read (v @charlesarthur)#china

.@EU_Commission publishes #TTIP legal texts as part of transparency initiative - looks promising...

Canadian Anti-Piracy Company Caught Using Unattributed And Paywalled Articles To Fill Its Blog - oh look...

Genmanipuliertes Essen nur per App erkennbar -,1472780,29492692.html is this kind of #TTIP trickery how @EU_Commission keeps its "word"?

Cameron rejects calls to apologise for #NHS A&E winter crisis - of course not, it's part of the privatisation script

The Secret Doctor: A&E is run on pure fear – how much more can we take? - illuminating tales from #NHS front line

S&D MEPs: "We also want #TTIP documents on services published" - good to see them calling for this #transparency

First Public Domain Festival from 16th to 31st January in Paris - rather happier news from France #pd

Google Porn Takedowns Carpet Bomb #Github - this is where #copyright insanity takes us...

In 1985, Top UK Law Official Knowingly Shared Pirated Document With Prime Minister's Office; Asked 4 'Discretion' -

Energy Crash — 97% of #Fracking Now Operating at a Loss at Current Oil Prices - wait for the pop.... #carbonbubble

Judicial independence: Europe's IP judges raise #EPO concerns - EPO in meltdown...

Labour seeks ban on #fracking near aquifers - ban it everywhere: makes no sense - environmentally, economically

UK accused of hypocrisy over plans to limit enforcement of EU climate goals - shameful behaviour

The patients who can’t leave hospital – as no one will make a profit - this is the reality of #NHS privatisation

Infrastructure Bill "obliges governments to produce strategies for “maximising economic recovery of UK petroleum” -

Antibiotic breakthrough could turn the tables in battle against superbugs - let's hope - we certainly need this

Leaked: European Parliament long awaited legal study on data retention - better link for EU data retention story

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