Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150126 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#TPP is a good idea but if it is not worked out soon it may be time to move on - not even a good idea...

#TTIP: USA sollen bei EU-Gesetzen mitreden - *this* is how #TTIP will undermine national/EU sovereignty

Amerika soll bei unseren Gesetzen mitreden - more one-sided rights for corporations, nothiing for public #TTIP

Prince William – Please Ask #Japan to Stop the #Taiji Dolphin Death Drives - time to stop this barbaric slaughter

#TTIP's Regulatory Cooperation Body - I thought @TimmermansEU was to reduce red tape - this will increase it

The future of the NHS at stake in 2015 election, says Ed Miliband - Labour starts to get a clue - well, here at least

Chinese police alleged to have eaten endangered giant salamander at banquet - #china's continuing shame

Paris and Berlin call for review of EU-Canada trade deal - we must fix #CETA as well as #TTIP

#TTIPleaks: Finanzmärkte sollen demokratischer Kontrolle wieder entzogen werden - important details revealed

"wir würden ein Gremium schaffen, dessen Arbeitsweise wir nicht kennen & dessen Ergebnisse wir erst 1 Jahr später erfahren" - #TTIP

"Jede/r Abgeordnete, die oder der diesem Vorschlag zustimmt, gibt sein unabhängiges Mandat auf." - #TTIP

"Das Dokument wurde dem Rat zugestellt und mit seiner Zustimmung den US Verhandlern übermittelt. Unsere Regierungen wissen Bescheid." #TTIP

EU lobby register: still failing to deliver real #transparency - important work on glaring problems

DRM Destroys Value: Why Years Old, But #DRM Free, Devices Sell For Twice The Price Of New Devices -

Internet of things needs global #privacy push, says UK regulator - indeed; unlikely to get it, though #IoT

so when will fans of #SnoopersCharter start pushing for all the #InternetOfThings metadata too? because it's not "content", so must be OK...

Embankment Cycle Superhighway Gets Green Light - exciting...

logistics "companies expect #TTIP to have almost no positive effects on employment and financial development" -

#TTIP: USA wollen Mitspracherecht in der Gesetzgebung von EU, Staaten und Bundesländern bekommen -

Report: U.S. drops bid to end Japanese import rules - US getting desperate, perhaps? #TPP

Public health, union, and church groups slam #TPP trade deal - quite right too - it'll be a disaster for public

#CETA appears "wobbly" with provincial dispute, but #ISDS lurks on the horizon - watch out, Provincial premiers #CA

Labour’s NHS election crusade a pale imitation of 1992 campaign – Milburn - these Blairites are pure venom...

"Pro-#TTIP people are winning debate." - no, they are coasting on the lack of real debate, of which there is none

"A remarkably high share of pro-#TTIP people involved in debate that I meet feel they are on losing side." - they are

France Announces Plans To Hold The Internet Responsible For Terrorism - well put

"IG Metall, however, said key clauses of the #TTIP are unacceptable in particular, the #ISDS mechanism" - #germany

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