Thursday, 22 January 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150120 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Cory Doctorow To Push For Ending DRM - good news: #DRM must die

'Handelsakkoord EU-VS: goed voor big business, slecht voor de samenleving' - exactly #TTIP (V @GabrielSilesB)

#India’s #tiger population increases by almost a third - let's hope this is real and sustained

Australia's New Controls On Sensitive Research Likely To Drive Academics Overseas - this is a fiasco #DTCA

if this is confirmed, it would seem that @wikipedia has seriously lost it - (v @Klangable @janl)

UK #fracking: "Officials recommend that firm’s applications to develop 2 sites should not be approved" - quite right

Opening up the Internet of Things, #Robots and #Drones - IoTivity & Canonical's Snappy Ubuntu Core join the club #IoT

If The DOJ Gets Its Way, Tweeting Out A List Of The 'Worst Passwords On The Internet' Will Be A Felony -

Why UK parliament should scrutinise UK-Ethiopia bilateral investment treaty - because it's ISDS is 1-sided - as usual

Government urged to protect interests of UK poultry farmers - flood of US chickens under #TTIP the worry

Slovak Food Chamber demands agro-food sector should be excluded from #TTIP - worried about lower US standards #sk

Allies Line Up Against Obama's State of the Union Plea on Trade - won't support #TPA #TPP #TAFTA

Blair says he is not to blame for delay in publication of Chilcot - good job we can trust what he says on #iraq

Antarctic toothfish poaching ships shrug off New Zealand navy - good work, #NZ, more please...

Municipal governments need a say on CETA: Pass #CETA resolution in your community today - growing dissent in #canada

Poll shows SNP could win all but four Scottish seats in general election - Sturgeon to "enter into talks with Labour"

Court: Dish's Hopper Technology Does Not Infringe On Copyrights - "Another day, another good ruling on copyright"

#FOC2015 Conference in Ulaanbaatar? - sounds fun... (v @dml)#mongolia

Opening up the Internet of Things, #Robots and #Drones - IoTivity & Canonical's Snappy Ubuntu Core join the club #IoT

Ombudsman complaint on TTIP - "regarding maladministration at @eu @EU_Commission of access to information request"

West Africa Farmers Against EU Economics, International Competition - destroying local agriculture

Here Come the Trade Secret Trolls - worrying side-effect of enhanced #tradesecret protection

Die Another Eh: What Does It Mean Now That James Bond Is In Public Domain In Canada? - good question; here's answer

Torrent Site Blockades Are Disproportional, Greek Court Rules - interesting ruling #gr

Urgent: Birmingham Music Library under imminent threat - what a fiasco

Plain cigarette packs to be introduced in UK before general election - this is excellent news #UK

#Green surge: is this the party that will decide election? - "a new kind of politics, largely driven by social media" - "asking its users to solemnly pledge their support in hope that others will be encouraged to do the same" #Greens

Blanket mandatory data retention bill should be scrapped in public interest - "Bill is invasive" #AU

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